12 artists receive awards at Art2013, 18th juried art show

The Kennebec Valley Art Association proudly announces the award-winning artists for Art2013, on view at the Harlow Gallery at 160 Water Street in Hallowell through June 1st.  The KVAA’s annual juried show (now in its eighteenth year!) draws artists to Hallowell from all over the state of Maine. This years’ jurors were Dan Kany and Bob Keyes: 60 works of art by 48 artists were juried into the exhibition, out of a total of 334  works submitted by 123 artists.  Art2013 is sponsored by Art Collector Maine of Portland and was also made possible through the support of season sponsors Dead River Company, the Bank of MaineKennebec Savings Bank and Milestone Communications.
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Prizes were awarded at the opening celebration on Friday, May 10th as follows:
Judith Schuppien Isle Au Haut
Best in Show a cash prize of $500 contributed by the  Art Collector Maine of Portland  was awarded to Judith Schuppien of Pittston for her oil painting entitled “Isle au Hout”.
We both were drawn to this piece because it combines qualities of the actual Maine coast and its art history. The landscape’s quiet power is impressive and even intimidating. The rolling hills of the coast have been worn to curves by the weathering ages. The still-warm-but-fading-to-night crepuscular light is leaving the land to the somewhat foreboding power of darkness. The paint is thick by land and liquid mineral by sea. The subtle play of light and color against the dark and the time-driven economy of mark-making come together to make this canvas both an effective place and a solid painterly performance. Its apparent simplicity makes it easy to see while its rhythms and pulses of interplay make it satisfying to the eye. Seemingly humble, this work of remarkable restraint and quiet depth is a fine example of what Maine art does best.” ~   Bob Keyes & Dan Kany
2nd Place Tanya Fletcher Art2013
Second Prize a cash prize of $250 sponsored by the Kennebec Valley Art Association Board of Directors was awarded to Tanya Fletcher of Saco for  her painting in oil & sterling silver leaf on Baltic birch, entitled “Reclining Figure I”  
This work combines the age-old genre of the nude with ideas about craftsmanship so old that they sneak under the radar to create a work of surprising conceptual depth. The triptych approach and the use of metal leaf in painting predate the Renaissance and are tied directly to religious art – unlike the nude. Dividing the body into three panels plays up the object quality of the painting; and denying the face pulls the work into contemporary concerns such as the objectification of the female body. The fine craftsmanship and the reductive painting approach reach towards sculpture. Together, these qualities make for an elegant and subtly intelligent work of art. ~ Bob Keyes & Dan Kany
3_Grams_Kitchen Table
Third Prize $150 sponsored by Bank of Maine of Hallowell was awarded to Ross Grams of Vienna for his oil on panel entitled “Kitchen Table”.
” This work uses its diminutive scale to create a sense of domestic intimacy. It is quiet, slow and pleasantly alone in the sanctuary of home. As well, it comfortably relates – in scale, cropping and subject – to the personal snapshot as opposed to the grand lens of photography. It has the feel of a young and enthusiastic hand still fascinated by the medium and vision of painting. To the viewer, it exudes an honest and genuine charm that is pleasantly respectful by ethic rather than design.” Bob Keyes & Dan Kany
Helene Farrar Art2013
Juror’s Choice prize of $150 sponsored by Aucocisco Galleries of Portland: Dan Kany chose Helene Farrar’s encaustic entitled “Sussex, White Pullet Chicken”   Farrar lives in Manchester.
I am particularly interested in what painting has to say in the current and critical dialogue between craft and art. This piece combines sophisticated qualities of encaustic painting with object qualities both of the subject and the painting itself. It has a clear take on the figure/ground relationship and imbues its subject with a vital dynamism that, with playful irony, jumps back and forth between physical observation and conceptual commentary. While this is an impressively strong and memorable image, it hints that painting as image is being left behind for sculptural craft as the vessel for ideas – after all: Beside the white chicken there are no ideas but in things.”  Dan Kany
4 Bob Keyes choice William Steele Art2013

Juror’s Choice prize of $150 sponsored by Maine Film Center of Waterville: Bob Keyes awarded his Juror’s Choice prize  to William Steele of Falmouth for his oil painting on canvas entitled “Off Flying Point”
This painting caught my eye the moment I walked into the gallery, and I felt attracted to it throughout the time we spent in the gallery looking at work. I kept coming back to it again and again. The orange sky feels magnetic, but I think the quality that that draws me in is the spacial relationship between the island and the sky. We are accustomed to paintings of islands with horizontal views. Less common are vertical views. This works, because it powerfully suggests the vastness of time and space and true tiny nature of an isolated island in the larger world. It’s also technically beautiful. It’s simply a beautiful painting — crisp and clean, and well executed.” Bob Keyes
Best Photo Charles Dufour Art2013

Capital Area Camera Club sponsored a $50 cash prize for Best Photograph this year, which was awarded to Charles Dufour of Belfast for “Twelfth of Never”

“We were both drawn to this image by its combination of natural and studio aesthetics. It reminds the viewer of the natural forms of the nude and the extent to which natural forms permeate our seemingly contrived world: A bench takes its form from its wood and we respond to the interior space under a tree. Life blossoms through flowers as well as the human body. The format, focus, print-quality and scale also help deliver this work clearly to the contemplative level of fine art. This is a comfortably smart photograph about beauty.”  Bob Keyes & Dan Kany

Honorable Mention winners were awarded gift certificates donated by these fine area businesses and organizations: Boynton’s Market of Hallowell, Colby Museum of Art, Waterville, Gosline’s Hardware of Farmingdale, Grand Central Cafe of Waterville, Maple Hill Farms Inn & Conference Center of Hallowell, Rail Road Square Cinema of Waterville. Award winners are as follows:

Bob Richardson of Washington for his acrylic on paper entitled “01.31.13”
Johanna Moore of Farmingdale for her solargraph entitled “Bog”
Scott Minzy of Pittston for his video animation using his linoleum prints
Robin Brooks of Topsham for her collage entitled “Winter Light”
Maureen Block of Brunswick for her sculpture entitled “Guardian of the Portal”

 Nancy Barron of South Gardiner for her  acrylic on panel entitled “Dresden Drive”

During the exhibition gallery visitors are asked to help determine the winner of two additional prizes: the 1st place People’s Choice Award (a $100 cash sponsored by The Animal Wellness Center of Augusta), and 2nd place People’s Choice Award (a one year artist’s membership to the Kennebec Valley Art Association) will be awarded at the end of the exhibition based on popular vote. Visit the gallery and vote for your favorite! 

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