1960 Timeline

Board members in 1960: Madge Ames (treasurer)

The First Maine State Art Festival was organized by the KVAA; it became a well known showcase for professional artists statewide and ran for nine years.

1st major effort; exhibit at State House “Maine Art Festival” ran in summer o f1960 and drew 6,000 -9,000 attendees according to the KJ. Dahlov Ipcar and Stephen Etneir among the exhibitiors. Cosponsored by Maine Department of Economic Development.

Stationary ordered Feb 9, 1960 w/ logo: “most attractive with an insignia on a gray background full moon” designed by president Robert Demers, winner of a logo design contest. — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

August 1960 — First Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.