1964 Timeline

Board Officers in 1964: Linwood Partridge of Augusta (president), Mrs. Emery O. Beane, Jr. (Elizabeth) of Augusta (Vice President), Mrs. John Fleming (Alice) of Augusta (Recording Secretary), Miss Madge Ames of Augusta (Corresponding Secretary), Meyer Emanuel, MD of Gardiner (Treasurer). Executive Board: Frederick Preble of Augusta, Leo Meissner of Cape Elizabeth, Alan Bernstien of Augusta, Richard Hurtibise of Augusta, Richard Cote of Hallowell and Mrs. Ralph Webber (Louise) of Augusta. Program Committee: Mrs Clarence Nichols (Adele) of Hallowell, Charles Danforth of Randolph, Mrs. John Fleming (Alice) of Augusta, Mrs. Laurence Partridge (Ruth) of Augusta, and Mrs. Harriet Nelson of Hallowell. House Committe: Richard Hurtubise of Augusta (Chairman), Richard Cote of Hallowell and Robert Demers of Randolph. Hanging Committee: Alan Bernstien of Augusta (Chairman), Alta Ashley, MD of Hallowell, Richard Hurtubise of Augusta and Frederick Preble of Augusta. Ways and Means Committe: Meyer Emanuel, MD of Gardiner, Mrs Frank Marran (Phyllis) of Gardiner, Mrs. Charles Kyes (Mary) of Farmingdale, Mrs Richard Tardiff (Tonie) of Augusta. Gallery Host and Hostess Committee: Co-Chairmen Mrs Bruno Rissanen (Aino) of Wiscasset and Mrs. Ralph Weber (Louise) of Augusta. Junior KVAA (organized May 20, 1964) Elizabeth Masciadri of Hallowell (President), Maura Wing of Farmingdale (Vice President), Patricia Arbour of Augusta (Secretary), and Mike Wing of Farmingdale (Treasurer).

Started showing “PROFESSIONAL MAINE ARTISTS” in 1964. jazz, one act play, workshops. April 18, 1964 newsletter: 3rd floor renovations for use as meeting space and workhsops, hauled out rubbish, 2 volunteers wired it for electricity, there were plans to paint and make ready for use. October 29, 1964 – 2nd floor offered as studio space at $2.50 a week. – from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

Workshops held every Thursday night – no instructors, members took turn modeling for figure and portrait practice or set up a still life to draw from. Marion Chapman taught a beginner’s art class. Paul Plumer taught a combined beginner to advanced class.

August 1964 — Fifth Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.

August 16-September 8, 1964 — Avant-Garde Art show – Richard Cote of Hallowell and Richard Hurtubise of Manchester, described in the show booklet as a “Completely Unique Experiment,” “an art show of all new modern art and completely experimental, using enamels and relief techniques. Also included are pop art and a technique of combining all the mediums into an integrated theme.”

July 19 – August 15, 1964 — Paintings by Stephen Etnier of Harpswell

May 17 – June 6, 1964 — An Exhibition of Drawings, Graphics and Paintings by Hanne and Harry Greaver of Orono

April 26-May 16, 1964 — Paintings by Jeana Dale Bearce of Brunswick and Dahlov Ipcar of Robinhood

March 1964-Paintings by James A. Elliot and George deLyra of Basin Point, South Harpswell.

February 1964 — Men’s Show: Richard Hurtibise, Linwood Partridge and Stephen Brown of Hallowell, Richard Cote and Paul Plumer, Jr. of Hallowell, Meyer Emanuel, Bert Hoyle and James Whalen of Gardiner, Charles Danforth of Randolph and William Crossley of Monmouth.