1965 Timeline


Board members in 1965: Mrs. Clarence Nichols (Adele) of Hallowell (president), Charles Danforth of Randolph (Vice President), Dr. Meyer Emanuel (treasurer) Mrs. John Fleming of Augusta (Recording Secretary), Miss Madge Ames (Corresponding Secretary) and Bertrand H. Hoyle of Gardiner (Executive Committee). Junior KVAA: Daniel Pomerleau of Augusta (President), Elizabeth Masciadri of Hallowell (Vice President), Donna Huff of Hallowell (Secretary) and Michael Nichols of Hallowell (Treasurer)

The KVAA sponsored the 2nd annual Beaux Arts Ball, with genuine imitation Picasso paintings auctioned off at the end in keeping with the theme “Age of Picasso”. The ball took place at the Augusta House on New Years Eve; proceeds benefited the KVAA building fund. Event chairs: Mr. and Mrs. Linwood V. Partridge and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marran.

Dues in 1965: Juniors $1, Regular $3, Supporting $10, Sponsor $25, Patron $100

April 1, 1965, front apartment renovated after a pipe burst and it was then rented for $16 a week as a residential apartment. Paintings for loan/rent. From 1964-1965 money donated and given for high school student scholarships, multiple donors. — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

The KVAA presented a Beaux Arts Ball on December 31 at the Augusta House. The October Newsletter stated, “NOW IS THE TIME for you to unleash your imagination and let it FLY WILD! The theme for the BEAUX ARTS BALL has been announced as the AGE OF PICASSO. This covers a huge area– several wars, the gay twenties, Gertrude Stein, Himingway, Impressionism, Dadaism, Cubism, from the turtle-pace age to the outer-space age, from flappers to flippers.”Prizes were awarded for best costumes.

November 1965 — Watercolors by Gene Klebe of Bristol and Paintings and Ceramics by Adele Nichols of Hallowell

October 1965 – Paintings by Robert Bruce Acheson of Hallowell, Jon S. Legere of South Portland, Ronald Anderson of Port Clyde and Allen W. Sperl of Washington

September 19-October 9, 1965 – Paintings by Mae E. Cooney of Waldoboro and June Lovelace Griffin of Lewiston

August 29-September 17, 1965 – Paintings, Prints and Sculptures by Margaret E. Sturgis and Annie C. Sturgis of Broadacres-Riverside (Vassalboro, Maine)

August 1965 — Sixth Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.

July 18-August 7, 1965 — The Zorach Family: Sculpture by William Zorach, Paintings by Marguerite Zorach, with work by their daughter Dahlov Ipcar and their nephew, Jason Schoener.

June 27-July 17, 1965 – Paintings and Sculptures by Denny Winters of Rockport and Harry Stump of Vinalhaven

May 16-June 5, 1965 — Paintings and Sculpture by Herbert Maynard of East Boothbay and Priscilla Hornberger of Breman

May 1965 — Oil Paintings, Serigraphs and Silk Screen Prings by Frances Hamabe of Blue Hill

April 1965 — Robert Courjon of Boothbay (showing two wall plaques and ten sculptures) and George Curtis of Owl’s Head (showing 24 Maine landscape watercolors)

March 14-April 3, 1965 — Pastels by Teco Slagboom, a summer resident of Monhegan, Etchings by Edgar S. Sewall of Palermo, and Ceramics by Weston and Brenda Andersen of East Boothbay

January 1965 — Paintings by George Dearborn of Small Point