1981 timeline

Board members in 1981: Pam Chase (president), Candace Carlson (vice president), Doris Smith (secretary), Madge Ames (treasurer), Laura Rothstein, Louise Webber, Marilyn Dwelley, Toni Tardiff, Irma Bell

Staff in 1981: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)

Scholarships awarded to Karen Letteney of Cony and Jane McLaughlin of Gardiner HS.

October/November 1981 — Diane & Hank Tyler

September/October 1981 — Helen Marie Allen, Lewis Buck

August 1981 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1981 — First Summer Invitational

April 1981 — Florence Daly

March 1981 — Five Printmakers of Maine: Katherine Corti, Susan Groce, Susanne Parker, Grace Tagliabui, Frances Hodsdon