1983 timeline

Board members in 1983: Phyllis Wicks (president), Nancy Fraser (vice president), Madge Ames (treasurer), Doris Smith (secretary), Don Huff, Helen Matz, Laura Rothstein

Staff in 1983: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)

KVAA scholarships awarded to Sandra Leinonen & Spencer Wright

Life Drawing group begins, meeting on Tuesday evenings.

October 1983 — “Shock of the New” Moderators’ Exhibition: Abbott Meader, Phil Paratore, James Carpenter, Philip Isaacson, Leonard Craig, John Lorence, Larry Lutchmansingh, Harriet Matthews: The KVAA received a grant from the Maine Humanities Council to screen the 8 part BBC film series, The Shock of the New, with a guest moderator for each film.

September 1983 — Penny Oliphant, Tom Kennedy

August 1983 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1983 — First Summer Invitational

May 1983 — Doris Schoonmaker, Dorothy Schwartz, Olive Metcalf

April 1983 — Virginia S. Brun, Antoinette Jackman