1984 timeline

Board members in 1984: Marilyn Karl, Phillis Wicks, Helen Matz, Doris Smith, Doris Godfrey, Jean Fowler, Nancy Fraser, Florence Daly, Madge Ames (treasurer)

Staff in 1984: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)

25th Anniversary Celebration on December 7, 1984

Scholarships awarded to Mechele Sibilia of Maranacook HS and Peter Buotte of Cony HS

September 1984 — Janice Kasper, Mary Jo Rines

August 1984 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1984 — First Summer Invitational

May 1984 — Ann Ayvaliotis

April 1984 — Marian Dwyer

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