1989 timeline

Board members in 1989: Madge Ames (treasurer),  Don Huff (building committee chair)

Financial Report for year ending December 31, 1989 (general funds) reported $8,675.06 in income, includeing $$6,012.50 in rent, $1,235 in dues and $1,035 in gallery sales.  Expenditures totaled $7,839.25, with $1,409 going to heating oil, about $1,000 each to property taxes and insurance, and artist commissions paid totaled $723.

In the April 1989 Newsletter,  Don Huff, Chairman of the KVAA building committee reported: “Any building needs constant care and after the flood of 1987 we had much work that needed to be done on our building. We contracted to have the following tasks done at a cost of about $10,000.

*Eaves on front & back of roof repaired. *Two coats of paint applied to the metal roof. *Gallery floor repaired and new carpet laid. *New deck and stairs to rear of building accommodating both gallery space and second floor apartment. *New door from outside to entrance of rear second floor apt. *Unused chimney lowered and recapped.”

December 1989 – All Members Show

November 1989 – John Lawrence

October 1989 – Laurie Harter and Priscilla Patrone

September 1989 – oils by Rachel Shiro

July/August 1989 – Invitational Show

May 1989 – Silk Screen/Photography