1993 timeline

Board members in 1993: Madge Ames (co-chair), Marc Poirier (president), Mary Crump (vice president), Sandy Leinonen (secretary), Melanie Farmer (treasurer), Don Huff, Florence Daly, Nancy Fraser, Phyllis Mazzota-Wicks, Laura Rothstein, Mike Nichols

Staff in 1993: Adele Nichols, Director (volunteer)

Madge Ames stepped down as treasurer after over 30 years of service. Cultural exchange with Fujino, Japan. 2 sessions of 6 week children’s art classes followed by kids’ art exhibit.

From a letter dated June 17, 1993 from Adele Nichols to the membership: “HARLOW GALLERY is facing a crisis! Our existence had for years been the result of devoted volunteers to whom we are grateful. For over twenty-five years we have never had an entry fee or a charge of any type for many of our exhibits. With the burdening operational and maintenance costs, we feel in all fairness that a fee of $10.00 for three (3) works of art in any media is one of the solutions to help keep the gallery in operation.”

November 1993 — Marc Poirer

October 1993 — Lee Brown

August – July 1993 — Summer Invitationals

May 1993 — Nancy Jacob

April 1993 — Margo Ogdon