1994 timeline

Board members in 1993: Marc Poirier (president), Josephine Belmont (vice president), Sandy Leinonen (secretary), Scott Cowger (treasurer), Harry Tyler (treasurer)

Paid Staff — Mike Nichols (gallery sitter)

Art Auction at Ashlie’s Ballroom, Hallowell grossed $3,000. 2 sessions of 6 week children’s art classes followed by kids’ art exhibit. Member’s corner, bine art and portfolio of members started. Homosote & track lighting installed.

November 1994 — Ed Gamble

October 1994 — C. Abbot Meader

September 1994 –De De & Hank Tyler

August – July 1994 — Summer Invitationals

May 1994 — Scott Reed, Virgina Sally Brun

April 1994 — Capital Area Camera Club

March 1994 — Women in the Arts Exhibit

February 1994 — UMA Art Show (Phil Paratore’s Class)

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