1995 timeline

Board members in 1995: Chris Vandebroek (president), Joe Klofas (vice president), Scott Cowger (treasurer), Hank Tyler (treasurer), , Sharon Reishus (secretary), Marc Poirier, Adele Nichols, Phyllis Mazzotta Wicks, Jerry Gaboury, Laura Rothstein, Don Huff

Staff: Mike Nichols (paid gallery sitter) laid off as of September 1995.

At the members meeting of July 1995, members voted to institute radical changes to operations at the Harlow. August 1995 Newsletter: “Only members can show at the gallery. — Members will participate in all decisions including shows and special events. — The members corner will be renamed the KVAA Featured Artist’s Corner. — We will prepare ourselves to become a fully volunteer organization. — We will create incentives for members to volunteer (volunteer shows, recognition night, etc…) — We will have more special events (such as Old Hallowell Art Show, jazz night, poetry reading, etc…) — The board will streamline the business operation of the KVAA and write a policy manual.”

Total budget as approved by the new board on July 17, 1995: Income $21,200, Expenses $20,900

Track lighting and the 4′ high homeosote panels were installed this year.

November 1995 — Milton Chritianson

October 1995 — Hector Arrache and Don Justin Meserve

September 1995 — Antoinette Jackman, Joy Vaughn, Elizabeth Caton, Lisa Paige, Sandra Leinonen