1997 timeline

Board of directors in 1997: Lea Clunie (president), Tracy Perez, Scott Cowger (treasurer), Sharon Reishus (secretary), Elizabeth Caton, Nancy Fraser, Judy Herman, Linda Murray, Judy Schuppien, Susan Webb

A series of art workshops for children and adults taught in the 2nd floor studio space through the fall an winter of 1997; instructors included: Carolee Weglang, Milton Christianson, Lenora Lebowitz, Frances Hodsdon, Chris Vanderbrook, Marilyn Karl, Lea Clunie, Susan Jay Sager and Victoria Chiudina.

September 1997 — Art ’97 Juried Show Winners Herb Aldrich and Bill Wyman with featured artist Sandy Leinonen

August 1997 — Volunteer’s Show — Susan Webb, Judy Schuppien, Ruth Bookey, Linda Murray, Dianne Salfas, Lea Clunie, Joe Klofas, Nancy Fraser, Mary Crump, Richard Kingdon

July 1997 — The Guiding Light — the lighthouse show — Mari Goodwin, Judith Schuppien, Joanna Damon, Donna Wenckus, Sarah H. Harvey, Atwood Hobbs, Ruth Bookey, Katherine Gray, Jim Toothacher, Lea Clunie, Richard Kingdon, J.K. Herman, Linda Murray, Melanie Farmer

May 1997– Art ’97 — annual juried show

March 1997 — Capital Area Camera Club

February 1997 — The Really Big Show — Judith Schuppien, Hector Arrache, Linda Murray, Nancy Fraser, Chris Cart, Tracy Perez, Susan Reidy Pillsbury, C. Vandebroek, M. Van De Broeke, Melanie Farmer, Elisabeth Umberhind, Geof Dow, Marc Poirier, Cindy Morneault

January 1997– Life Drawing — Joe Klofas, J.K. Herman, Rebecca Rivers, Hector Arrache, Judy Schuppien, Ruth Bookey, Sue Webb, Corliss Chastain, Frances Hodsdon, Sandy Leinonen, Sarah Harvey, Mary Crump, Penny Markley, L. Brouillard, Jackie, Melanie Farmer, Connie Liakas, Dianne Salfas, Richard Kingdon, Robert Leach, Julian Sacks, Greg Gilbert

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