2000 timeline

Board members and key volunteers in 2000: Valerie Howard (president), Jennifer O’Toole (secretary), Linda Murray (secretary), David Hodsdon (treasurer and building manager), Sandra Leinonen-Dunn (gallery committee), Steve Dunn (scholarships), Judith Schuppien (publicity), Joe Klofas (figure drawing coordinator)

Blanche T. Fine scholarship awarded to Anastasia Robbins of Cony HS.

KVAA Advisory Board formed: Josh Nadel, Karen Adrienne, Robert Katz, Adele Nichols, The Honorable Elizabeth Watson. Founding member Adele Nichols died December 17, 2000.

Monthly Poetry Readings organized by Ted and Ruth Bookey begin this year.

December 2000 — Member’s Holiday Show

September 2000 — Carrie Haberstock, winner of Art 99

October 2000 — Florence Daly Retrospective

September 2000 — Carrie Haberstock — winner of the Art ’99 juried show

August 2000 — Alexander Tschernjawski

July 2000 — Bring the Outside In — Inspired by the Garden

June 2000 — Member’s Show

May 2000 — Art 2000 open juried show. Juror Jan Piribeck, Associate Professor of Art at the University of Maine at Farmington

April 2000 – Alice Barnett, Richard Fecteau

March 2000 — Capital Area Camera Club

February 2000 — Arts & Architecture Students of UMA

January 2000 — Century Overload — Jeff Loxtercamp