4-Point Perspective: September 2009


4-Point Perspective: Exhibition Dates: September 4 – 26, 2009


4-Point Perspective will present a diverse range of fine art from three Maine artists: Francine Schrock, Libby Barrett and Richard Garrigus in a show titled 4-Point Perspective, on view September 4 through 26 at the Harlow Gallery in downtown Hallowell.  The public is invited to meet the artists at the opening reception on Friday, September 4 from  5 – 8 PM.

Finding their inspiration in the landscape, color theory, art history, language, mark making, design, materials and structure, their work encompasses breadth and variety. What is interesting about this exhibit is that there are four artists with very different approaches to their work, yet conceptually and formally there are transitive links to all the artists.


Francine Schrock of Portland – Francine’s abstract colorfield paintings explore color and the present moment. By freely applying color as a meditation, her pieces are free from narrative. The paintings are about the pure and essential power of color, paint texture, and the “becoming” of a color environment. As the viewer’s eyes wander over the surface of her paintings, the drama and stories of life dissolve and a sense of peace, presence and energy emerge within the viewer. They are a sort of resting place in a frequently chaotic world.


Libby Barrett of Cape Elizabeth – Libby finds inspiration in countless small, quiet moments. Themes of nature, place, and human experience are common in her artist’s books. Many of her book ideas are inspired by language; a pun, a turn of phrase, or something that offers possibilities for interpretation in an unusual way. While making artist’s books offers the opportunity to experiment with structure, materials, and processes, painting floor cloths fulfills her desire to play with color and design. She enjoys the different ways of thinking in her work – a more visual approach when painting floor cloths, and a more conceptual approach when making books.


Richard Garrigus of Westbrook – Natural forms from the landscape are the basis of Richard’s paintings. The landscape is internalized and re-interpreted on the canvas and the resulting images have little to do visually with the originating source. While the work is for the most part non-representational, sometimes a recognizable image may surface and develop and may stay intact. His paintings begin by making marks based on a barely perceptible inner sensation and build gradually on those marks in a kind of call and response pattern. The end result of this building of marks is a lyrical statement all brought forth from the inspiration of nature via his own internal responses.

The artist’s opening reception will be held on the First Friday, September 4, 2009 from 5pm – 8pm. The exhibit will be on view for the month of September 2009.