50 Years of Art: the interview series

These short videos by Art Mayers are being filmed in 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Harlow Gallery in 1963.  The interviewees are members of the Kennebec Valley Art Association (KVAA), and artists and community members who have been influential in shaping the Harlow Gallery and the KVAA. 

Joe Klofas     Dahlov Ipcar from Downeast Magazine    Sandy Dunn

       Joe Klofas                    Dahlov Ipcar              Sandy & Steve Dunn                 

     t300-Judith Herman     1959-Robert-Demers-Miss-Maine-cropped 

       Linda Murray                Judy Herman                  Bob Demers

Carlton Plummer     Jane Burke     Helene Farrar Art2013

    Carlton Plummer                Jane Burke                Hélène Farrar

frozen     Ted & Ruth Bookey     Louise + Nancy Hathaway youtube

   Amanda Giampetro           Ted & Ruth Bookey            Louise & Nancy Hathaway

David Hodsdon cropped     Scott Cowger    Hank Tyler sandpipers     

    David Hodsdon               Scott Cowger                 Hank Tyler