50th Anniversary Art Auction Slide Show

We are delighted and thankful to announce that our 50th Anniversary Art Auction raised over $12,000 on Sunday, July 21, 2013 – exceeding our goal by $5,000!

                                                                                                                                                                 photographs by Allison McKeen

We are grateful to all the art lovers and collectors who came out to bid on the exceptional art offerings.

Thank you to Slates Hallowell for opening the restaurant to us and for all their help and support, especially Wendy Larson, Rachel Meehan and Betsy McPhedran.

Very special thanks to the very fine volunteer crew, especially to event sponsor AND auctioneer par excellence Perry McCourtney.

Our deepest gratitude to the generous artists and collectors who so generously gave of their work for the love of the Harlow Gallery:

Marc Poirier

Tom Higgins

Tom Reeves

Claudia Brahms

Larry Brown

Christine Higgins

Tom Reeves

Jamie Ribisi-Braley

Mary Brooking

Petrea Noyes

Nancy Barron

Amy Stacey Curtis

Rick Morrow

Pam Hetherly

Kris Engman

Edward Mackenzie

Helene Farrar

Margo Ogden

Natasha Mayers

Judith Schuppien

Scott Minzy

Matt Demers

Shell Moore

Brian Braley

Abbott Meader

Megan Bastey

Linda Murray

Paul Marcus

Julian Sacks

Fern Stearns

Allison McKeen

Christine Sullivan

Pamela Lane

Robbi Fritz Portela

Sandy Dunn

Mary Kay Spencer

Steve Dunn

Ross Grams

Carl Little

John Carnes

Paula Anastasio

Peter Precourt

Art Collector Maine (Jack Leonardi)

Kieran Kammerer

Janet Favor

Michael Hudak & Nancy Bixler

Malley Weber

Chris Cart

Harlow Gallery’s 50th Anniversary Art Auction took place on Sunday, July 21, 2013 (the day after OLD HALLOWELL DAY) 5-8pm at Slates Restaurant, 167 Water Street in Hallowell.



The nonprofit Harlow Gallery first opened its doors on November 17, 1963, and we have been promoting the arts and artists of central Maine ever since. Auction proceeds will help ensure the gallery will continue as a cornerstone of our cultural community for another 50 years! For more information contact: Deb Fahy or Nancy Barron at 207-622-3813, kvaa@harlowgallery.org, www.harlowgallery.org