“Model Citizens” photographs by Bill Duffy

On View in the window space at the Harlow Gallery through July.  Opened July 6, 2012 5-8pm along with our members’ show Hallowell Through History.


This exhibit (and the accompanying book) is based on a simple idea: that our faces tell a story. This collection of photographic portraits of twenty-five Hallowellians is an anthology of those stories and a tribute to the city and its diversity. The portraits tell a tale both about me and the individuals I got to know during sixteen years of working and living in Hallowell.   Some I met while serving on various committees or commissions. Some I interacted with daily while getting lunch or groceries or postage stamps.   Some were neighbors or people who owned dogs that my dog approved of.   Some were just interesting individuals I met through chance encounters on Water Street or while walking in the Res.  These portraits are not intended to be a gallery of Hallowell’s most illustrious citizens.  While many are certainly well known, others may be just a familiar face or someone you’ve never seen.  Taken together, they represent my own personal portrait of the City.  All said “Yes” when I asked to take their portrait.”  — Bill Duffy