About Us


The Harlow Gallery connects and celebrates art, artists and community.

The Harlow Gallery is a membership based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1963. We support the artistic development of our member artists, both amateur and professional, by providing opportunities for exhibition and other professional development. These include workshops, lectures, demonstrations and other special events. Our policy is to make our space available to a broad range of artists’ groups for meetings and events that are important to artistic growth and for the exchange of ideas.

Because we believe the arts are integral to a well-rounded and vibrant community, and can be a key factor in personal growth and self- improvement, we strive to involve the greater community in the arts and to invite them into the Harlow Gallery at every opportunity.

“Daniel Kany, art critic for the Maine Sunday Telegram, credits (executive director Deb) Fahy with achieving “the right balance of inclusiveness and toughness” to attract professional artists. The Harlow Gallery, says Kany, “has become far more than a member gallery for the KVAA; it’s the energy epicenter for the large number of artists in central Maine which, with the Colby Museum of Arts’s taking the lead as the state’s largest museum, is becoming more and more important as a regional art center.” — Edgar Allen Beem in his article entitled “Fertile Ground” in the April 2014 issue of Downeast Magazine

The folks who run the Harlow Gallery like to think big.  They do their share of small exhibitions that go up and come down, with little fanfare. But now and again, they do something way beyond expectation. That’s the case with the gallery’s latest project, “CSA: Community Supporting Arts.”  … “It fits perfectly within the mission of the nonprofit gallery, which involves connecting art and artists with their communities to bring about lasting social change.” — Community Rallies for Art by Bob Keyes in the Maine Sunday Telegram, October 21, 2012

“The Harlow Gallery, owned and operated by the nonprofit Kennebec Valley Art Association, has become something of a Maine institution over the years. In many respects, it is the epitome of a grassroots arts organization… The gallery distinguishes itself for promoting the arts in general and the work of its members in particular while serving as a gathering spot for the community at large.” — “It’s not Easy Being Seen” by Bob Keyes article in the Maine Sunday Telegram, February 27, 2011

“This gallery is truly a jewel, not only for Hallowell, but for central Maine and the state. It is proof that the arts can bring us together in community. The Harlow is a model for what is possible.”mainelifer commenting on Bob Keyes article in the Maine Sunday Telegram, February 27, 2011

During times of national economic erosion, arts nonprofits tend to be like canaries in a coal mine. Yet over the past few years, the Harlow Gallery — founded as a community artists cooperative in the 1950s — has consistently stepped up and forward in the quality of its programming and presentation.” — “Educational, excellent: monotypes at the Harlow Gallery” Dan Kany’s review of “ONE OF A KIND — MONOTYPE — THE UNIQUE PRINT” in the Maine Sunday Telegram, September 12, 2010