Exhibitions and key events from the late 1950s.


January ’59 65 members ($3/yr dues). “Charter” members met weekly for informal meetings. Bylaws adopted late fall ’59. Hanging committee could choose art themselves, with or without the aid of juries. Membership list from July 30, 1959 included 82 members. — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996


Charter Members in 1959:

Mrs. Stanley Allen, Gardiner
Miss Madge Ames, Augusta
Dr. Ashley Alta, Hallowell
Mrs. Edith Bonenfant, Augusta
Mrs. Brooks Brown (Marylou), Augusta
Mrs. Carol Burke, Augusta
Rachel Cake, Hallowell
Mrs. Lucile Cheney, Augusta
Dr. Albert Crawford, Togus
Mrs. Alice Darlington, Augusta
Robert Demers, Augusta
Joan Doucette, Augusta
Miss Helen Dunn, Augusta
Miss Christine Ellis, Augusta
Mrs. Salem Fine (Blanche), Augusta
Mrs. John Fleming (Alice), Augusta
Mrs. Regina Fuller, South China
Henry J. Gardner, Augusta
Mary P. Goodrich, Augusta
Mrs. Dorothy Gray, Hallowell
Cyr Herbert, Hallowell
Mrs. George Henry (Jacqueline), Randolph
Mrs. Robert Horner (Jackie), Augusta
Bertrand Hoyle, Gardiner
Gary Hoyle, Gardiner
Richard Hurtibise, Augusta
Mrs. Jan Kok (Evelyn), Gardiner
Audrey Kurman, Augusta
Mrs. Raymond Lammers, Augusta
Jane Lemieux, Gardiner
Jon & Sylvia Lund, Augusta
Miss Doris McAllister, Augusta
Stanley McCurdy, Farmingdale
Mrs. Peggy McDougal, Hallowell
Mrs. Olive Metcalf, Coopers Mills
Mrs. Hilda Morang, Gardiner
Mrs Rheta Morgan, Augusta
Mrs. Adele Nichols, Hallowell
Mrs. Marjorie Oatway, Vassalboro
Mrs. Norman Payson (Jeanne), Augusta
Mrs. Thomas Powers, Presque Isle
Mary, Fred & Evelyn Preble, Augusta
Mrs. Anne Reardon, Augusta
Errol Reed, Augusta
Mrs. Robert Riedel, Litchfield
Allan Roach, Augusta
Normand St. Pierre
Mrs. Elizabeth Sellar, Augusta
Mrs. Queenie Small, Gardiner
Mrs. Alice Sparrow, Gardiner
Ruth Young Stinchfield, Hallowell
Betty Story, Augusta
Mrs. Richard Tardiff (Antoinette), Augusta
Irene Tetreault, Augusta
Mrs. Samuel Titcomb (Lura), Augusta
Mrs. Mable Thompson, Augusta
Phoebe Trask, Gardiner
Mrs. Quentin Unger (Olga), Gardiner
Mrs. Ralph Webber (Louise), Augusta
Mrs. Doris Weeks, Hallowell
Mr. Claude Wing, Augusta
Rev. Madeline Wing, Augusta

KVAA Christmas show


Board members in 1958: Robert D. Demers (president)

The Kennebec Valley Art Association was formed in Augusta at the YMCA by a group of artists involved with the Augusta Players (this group eventually became Gaslight Theater). The KVAA was founded, and officers elected at a meeting on December 1, 1958.

1st began meeting at the “former Blaine Restaurant on Water Street in August, purpose “to serve the cultural needs of the community” from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996


From Harlow Gallery and the Kennebec Valley Art Association attributed to Madge Ames:

“The year was 1957 … there was no place for the local aspiring artist to show his work , and each one felt very much alone.

Among the members of the Augusta Players (now Gaslight Theater) were several such lonely artists, and they hatched the idea of having an art show in the corridors of Cony High School in conjunction with one of their plays. Accordingly, an open invitation was extended to anyone in the area who wanted to exhibit. The response was far beyond anyone’s expectation….

From this experience and the new found knowledge that there were many area people interested in art, came the formation of the Kennebec Valley Art Association, which met in its early years in the basement of the Chamber of Commerce building in the west-side traffic circle.”