Exhibitions and key events from the 1960s. All took place at the Harlow Gallery unless otherwise noted.


Board members in 1969: Madge Ames (treasurer)


Board members in 1968: Philip G. Richards (president), Mrs. Sumner Lipman (Sandra – Vice President), Miss Alta Ashley, M.D. (treasurer), Charles Danforth (ex officio), Mrs. Ralph Webber (Louise)

Charles Danforth taught a 10 week watercolor class and Mrs. Marion Chapman taught charcoal and oil classes beginning in March.

November 1968 – Collector’s Show, nearly 50 collectors lent work including paintings by Vincent Hartgen & Gene Klebe, prints by Pablo Picasso & Leonard Baskin, sculpture by Charles Chase, and African pre-Columbian figures.

October 20- November 9, 1968 – Carlton B. Plummer

September 29-October 19, 1968 — Paintings by Mary Vining

August 18-Sept 7 1968 – Paintings by Emily Muir

July 28-August 17, 1968 – Paintings by William Moise of Hancock

July 1968 — Paintings by Laurence Sisson

June 16-July 6, 1968 — Paintings by William Goadby Lawrence of Edgecomb

March 17-April 6, 1968 – Paintings by Lillian Boynton Hale

April 28-May 18, 1968 – Paintings by Phyllis Riedel of West Gardiner


Board members and key volunteers in 1967: Charles D. Danforth (president),Henry Gardner (vice president), Alta Ashley (treasurer), Lucille Cheney (recording secretary), Alice Fleming (membership secretary) Linwood Partridge (house committee), Richard Cote, Lynn Huff

Madge Ames (gallery director) —- Matz (hostess coordinator), Programs committee – Louise Webber, Phyllis Riedel, Dorothy Bader,

200 some members. Betsy Coe headed up a “Parent’s Creative Arts Committee to lend KVAA members’ art to classroom at Hall-dale and St. Marys schools.

From Art Come to the Valley, in “Maine” 1967, a publication of the Department of Economic Development:

Accomplishments of the Kennebec Valley Art Association may be summed up this way:

Interest in and appreciation of art in Maine has been increased;”

“Mainers and summer visitors have been enabled to acquire original works which please them at prices they can afford to pay;

The City of Hallowell, itself, has perked up. Many attribute the sprucing up of the commercial district which has been going on during recent year to the example set by the Kennebec Valley Art Association.”

October 22-November 10, 1967 – Art in the Home, an exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints loaned by Kennebec Valley Collectors

September 1967 — Paintings by Edythe A. Laws of Brunswick

August 20 – September 8, 1967 – paintings and prints by F. Wenderoth Saunders of Sheepscot

July 30-August 19, 1967 – Paintings and Drawings by Warren Spaulding of Rockland

July 9-29, 1967 — Paintings by John Folinsbee, of New Hope, PA, summer resident of Montsweag Bay; and Peter Cook of Kingston, NJ, summer resident of Montsweag Bay

June 1967 – Member’s Show: Jody Ball, Ruby Brawn, Ruth Briggs, Marion Chapman, Charles Danforth, William Oberg, David Silsby, Antoinette Tardiff, Lura Titcomb and Louise Webber all of Augusta;Stanley Fisher and Adele Nichols of Hallowell; Dr. Meyer Emanuel, Gary Hoyle, the late Bertrand Hoyle and Philip Richards of Gardiner; Phyllis Reidel of West Gardiner; Clarence Hunt, Winthrop; Frances Seagraves, Boothbay Harbor; Mae Cooney and Caroline Totman, Waldoboro; Meredith Bolster, Freeport; June Griffin, Lewiston; Alfred Fuller, Monhegan; Margaret Wilson, Cushing; and Laurine Grover, Wiscasset. Juried by George deLyrea of South Harpswell, F. Wentworth Saunders of Sheepscot and John G. Shelly Jr. of Falmouth.

August 20-September 8, 1967 – Paintings by F. Wenderoth Saunders of Sheepscott

July 1967 – Paintings by John Folinsbee and Peter Cook

June 14-July 8, 1967 — Paintings by John Ireland Collins of Pleasant Point and Sculpture by Clark B. Fitz-Gerald of Castine

May 21-June 17, 1967 — Annual KVAA Member’s Show (juried)

May 1967 – John G. Shelley Jr.of Falmouth, Watercolors by Diane Hopper of Auburn, and Pewter by A. Gordon Davis of Sheepscot and Meriden, CT

April 1967 – paintings by Louise Webber of Augusta and sculpture by Harriett Matthews of Waterville and Colby College.

March 1967 – paintings by Chris Ritter of Ogunquit and pottery by Adele Nichols of Hallowell.

February 1967 – “rental show”


Board members in 1966: Mrs. Alice Fleming (Vice President, in charge of Membership), Mrs. Lucille Cheney (Secretary), Dr. Meyer Emanuel (treasurer), Linwood Partridge and Allan Bernstein (Housing Committee), Dr. Alta Ashley (Hanging Committee), Mrs. Antoinette Tardiff (Rental Service), Errol Reed (Budget Buying), Marion Chapman (Program Chairman), Betty Beane (Newsletter).

Annual dues are $5. The board purchased a painting by Burt Hoyle as initial purchase towards building a permanent collection of fine art.

Mrs. Marian Chapman taught a 10 week course in oil painting starting in November. Charles Danforth taught watercolor techniques in the fall. Adele Nichols, Mildred Tonge, Betty Beane, Rheta Morgan and Bert Hoyle taught children’s art classes in the fall, ending with a Christmas Childrens’ Party.

KVAA Member group shows exhibited in the summer of 1966 for one week shows in Bethel, Bridgeton and South Paris, and in September at the Maine Publicity Bureau in Kittery.

Second annual KVAA Art Fair – August 13, 1966, included art demonstrations on Water Street, children’s art activities and art show and lots more.

December 1966 – watercolors by Brunswick elementary school children in grades K-8 on display December 27-30.

December 1966 – Christmas Members’ Show

October 30-November 19, 1966 — Exhibit of Paintings by Stephen Howard of Newcastle and Maurice Dayof Damariscotta

October 1966 – An Exhibition of Paintings and Constructions by Fred and Mary Preble of Auburn

August 1966 — Seventh Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture. ” An invitational and juried show of persons maintaining studios in Maine. Room 105, State Office Building Augusta, July 18 – August 12, 1966.”

August 28-September 17, 1966 – Oil Paintings by Mary Bradish Call (late) of Ogunquit and Watercolors by Bertrand Hoyle of Gardiner

August 1966 — oil paintings by William Moise of Hancock and watercolors by Priscilla Dalmas of Pemaquid

July 28 to August 13, 1966 — The Western Maine Art Group, 2nd annual show: a joint exhibition with members of the KVAA at the Hamlin Study Center, North Bridgeton Academy

July 17 to August 6, 1966 — Paintings by Claude Montgomery of Tulsa, Oklahoma & Georgetown, Maine and Sculpture by Abbott Pattison of Chicago, Illinois and Lincolnville, Maine.

July 1966 — bronze sculpture by John Risley, stoneware pottery by Mary Risley and watercolors by Rheta Morgan.

June 1966 — Annual KVAA Member’s Show Members Show (members paid an entry fee of $1 to participate and entries were judged by 3 jurors; the gallery took a 25% commission)

May 1966 — Paintings by Harry Day of Essex CT and Boothbay Harbor, and sculpture by Cabot Lyford of Pemaquid.

May 3 & 4, 1966 — The Augusta-Gardiner Chapter of Hadassah presented the Seventh Annual Art Exhibit at Temple Beth-El, Augusta, with many KVAA members participating.

April 25-May 14 1966 — exhibition of paintings by members of the Kennebec Valley Art Association at the Bangor Public Library, with simultaneous exhibit of work by members of the Bangor Art Society at the Harlow Gallery.

April 1966 – paintings by Elizabeth Converse Roberts and wood sculpture by David Hall, both of Vinalhaven.

March 13-April 2, 1966 — an exhibition of paintings and drawings by The Western Maine Art Group

Sidewalk art fair 1966


Board members in 1965: Mrs. Clarence Nichols (Adele) of Hallowell (president), Charles Danforth of Randolph (Vice President), Dr. Meyer Emanuel (treasurer) Mrs. John Fleming of Augusta (Recording Secretary), Miss Madge Ames (Corresponding Secretary) and Bertrand H. Hoyle of Gardiner (Executive Committee). Junior KVAA: Daniel Pomerleau of Augusta (President), Elizabeth Masciadri of Hallowell (Vice President), Donna Huff of Hallowell (Secretary) and Michael Nichols of Hallowell (Treasurer)

The KVAA sponsored the 2nd annual Beaux Arts Ball, with genuine imitation Picasso paintings auctioned off at the end in keeping with the theme “Age of Picasso”. The ball took place at the Augusta House on New Years Eve; proceeds benefited the KVAA building fund. Event chairs: Mr. and Mrs. Linwood V. Partridge and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marran.

Dues in 1965: Juniors $1, Regular $3, Supporting $10, Sponsor $25, Patron $100

April 1, 1965, front apartment renovated after a pipe burst and it was then rented for $16 a week as a residential apartment. Paintings for loan/rent. From 1964-1965 money donated and given for high school student scholarships, multiple donors. — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

The KVAA presented a Beaux Arts Ball on December 31 at the Augusta House. The October Newsletter stated, “NOW IS THE TIME for you to unleash your imagination and let it FLY WILD! The theme for the BEAUX ARTS BALL has been announced as the AGE OF PICASSO. This covers a huge area– several wars, the gay twenties, Gertrude Stein, Himingway, Impressionism, Dadaism, Cubism, from the turtle-pace age to the outer-space age, from flappers to flippers.” Prizes were awarded for best costumes.

November 1965 — Watercolors by Gene Klebe of Bristol and Paintings and Ceramics by Adele Nichols of Hallowell

October 1965 – Paintings by Robert Bruce Acheson of Hallowell, Jon S. Legere of South Portland, Ronald Anderson of Port Clyde and Allen W. Sperl of Washington

September 19-October 9, 1965 – Paintings by Mae E. Cooney of Waldoboro and June Lovelace Griffin of Lewiston

August 29-September 17, 1965 – Paintings, Prints and Sculptures by Margaret E. Sturgis and Annie C. Sturgis of Broadacres-Riverside (Vassalboro, Maine)

August 1965 — Sixth Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.

July 18-August 7, 1965 — The Zorach Family: Sculpture by William Zorach, Paintings by Marguerite Zorach, with work by their daughter Dahlov Ipcar and their nephew, Jason Schoener.

June 27-July 17, 1965 – Paintings and Sculptures by Denny Winters of Rockport and Harry Stump of Vinalhaven

May 16-June 5, 1965 — Paintings and Sculpture by Herbert Maynard of East Boothbay and Priscilla Hornberger of Breman

May 1965 — Oil Paintings, Serigraphs and Silk Screen Prings by Frances Hamabe of Blue Hill

April 1965 — Robert Courjon of Boothbay (showing two wall plaques and ten sculptures) and George Curtis of Owl’s Head (showing 24 Maine landscape watercolors)

March 14-April 3, 1965 — Pastels by Teco Slagboom, a summer resident of Monhegan, Etchings by Edgar S. Sewall of Palermo, and Ceramics by Weston and Brenda Andersen of East Boothbay

January 1965 — Paintings by George Dearborn of Small Point

Beaux Arts Ball ad 1965


Board Officers in 1964: Linwood Partridge of Augusta (president), Mrs. Emery O. Beane, Jr. (Elizabeth) of Augusta (Vice President), Mrs. John Fleming (Alice) of Augusta (Recording Secretary), Miss Madge Ames of Augusta (Corresponding Secretary), Meyer Emanuel, MD of Gardiner (Treasurer). Executive Board: Frederick Preble of Augusta, Leo Meissner of Cape Elizabeth, Alan Bernstien of Augusta, Richard Hurtibise of Augusta, Richard Cote of Hallowell and Mrs. Ralph Webber (Louise) of Augusta. Program Committee: Mrs Clarence Nichols (Adele) of Hallowell, Charles Danforth of Randolph, Mrs. John Fleming (Alice) of Augusta, Mrs. Laurence Partridge (Ruth) of Augusta, and Mrs. Harriet Nelson of Hallowell. House Committe: Richard Hurtubise of Augusta (Chairman), Richard Cote of Hallowell and Robert Demers of Randolph. Hanging Committee: Alan Bernstien of Augusta (Chairman), Alta Ashley, MD of Hallowell, Richard Hurtubise of Augusta and Frederick Preble of Augusta. Ways and Means Committe: Meyer Emanuel, MD of Gardiner, Mrs Frank Marran (Phyllis) of Gardiner, Mrs. Charles Kyes (Mary) of Farmingdale, Mrs Richard Tardiff (Tonie) of Augusta. Gallery Host and Hostess Committee: Co-Chairmen Mrs Bruno Rissanen (Aino) of Wiscasset and Mrs. Ralph Weber (Louise) of Augusta. Junior KVAA (organized May 20, 1964) Elizabeth Masciadri of Hallowell (President), Maura Wing of Farmingdale (Vice President), Patricia Arbour of Augusta (Secretary), and Mike Wing of Farmingdale (Treasurer).

Started showing “PROFESSIONAL MAINE ARTISTS” in 1964. jazz, one act play, workshops. April 18, 1964 newsletter: 3rd floor renovations for use as meeting space and workhsops, hauled out rubbish, 2 volunteers wired it for electricity, there were plans to paint and make ready for use. October 29, 1964 – 2nd floor offered as studio space at $2.50 a week. – from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

Workshops held every Thursday night – no instructors, members took turn modeling for figure and portrait practice or set up a still life to draw from. Marion Chapman taught a beginner’s art class. Paul Plumer taught a combined beginner to advanced class.

August 1964 — Fifth Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.

August 16-September 8, 1964 — Avant-Garde Art show – Richard Cote of Hallowell and Richard Hurtubise of Manchester, described in the show booklet as a “Completely Unique Experiment,” “an art show of all new modern art and completely experimental, using enamels and relief techniques. Also included are pop art and a technique of combining all the mediums into an integrated theme.”

July 19 – August 15, 1964 — Paintings by Stephen Etnier of Harpswell

May 17 – June 6, 1964 — An Exhibition of Drawings, Graphics and Paintings by Hanne and Harry Greaver of Orono

April 26-May 16, 1964 — Paintings by Jeana Dale Bearce of Brunswick and Dahlov Ipcar of Robinhood

March 1964-Paintings by James A. Elliot and George deLyra of Basin Point, South Harpswell.

February 1964 — Men’s Show: Richard Hurtibise, Linwood Partridge and Stephen Brown of Hallowell, Richard Cote and Paul Plumer, Jr. of Hallowell, Meyer Emanuel, Bert Hoyle and James Whalen of Gardiner, Charles Danforth of Randolph and William Crossley of Monmouth.

 Avant Garde Art Show 1964 e


Board members in 1963: Errol R. Reed (president), Adele Nichols (vice president), Marian Partridge (secretary), Madge Ames (treasurer), Alan Bernstein, Fred Preble, Leo Meissner, Robert Dembers, Richard Hurtibise, Linwood Partridge (building fund drive chairman), Marian Partridge

Articles of Incorporation signed on April 1, 1963, signed by the board (as above) and witnessed by K.A. Ball, Jr. Book 1293 Page 83.

Major donor Mrs. James Goodwin of Connecticut donated $3,000(?) to purchase 160 Water Street. The Harlow Gallery was named for her father, Dr. James Harlow of Augusta. The KVAA raised a total of $6,250 to purchase the building and took a loan for the balance. On 7/23/1963 Francis M. Imbimbo sold 160 Water Street to the Kennebec Valley Art Association.

Building fund ended June/July renovations began August 2, 1963. Board voted to take steps to acquire the building in April. needs rewiring, new lighting, new plumbing and new heating plant ($3,500). Gallery hours 12-4 tues – sat, 2-5 sun. August 3, 1964 Ted Bookey read from an unpublished novel! – from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

August 1963 — Fourth Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.


Board members in 1962: Madge Ames (treasurer)

August 1962 — Third Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.


Board members in 1961: Madge Ames (treasurer)

August 1961 — Second Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.


Board members in 1960: Madge Ames (treasurer)

The First Maine State Art Festival was organized by the KVAA; it became a well known showcase for professional artists statewide and ran for nine years.

1st major effort; exhibit at State House “Maine Art Festival” ran in summer o f1960 and drew 6,000 -9,000 attendees according to the KJ. Dahlov Ipcar and Stephen Etneir among the exhibitiors. Cosponsored by Maine Department of Economic Development.

Stationary ordered Feb 9, 1960 w/ logo: “most attractive with an insignia on a gray background full moon” designed by president Robert Demers, winner of a logo design contest. — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

August 1960 — First Maine State Art Festival at the State House, an invitational exhibition of painting and sculpture.