Exhibitions and key events from the 1970s. All took place at the Harlow Gallery unless otherwise noted.


Board members in 1979: Laura Rothstein (president), Louise Hanna (secretary), Madge Ames (treasurer), Florence Daly (secretary), Janice Farrar

The board decided to close the gallery in January & February because of the high cost of fuel.

January 1979: received $3,200 assigned for scholarships in memory of Blanch T. Fine and invested in a certificate of deposit, “The interest thus will be used each June for an art scholarship. Although 175 on mailing list only 81 have paid dues (at $5/year). — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

November 1979 — Anita Bartlett, Lina Burley, Antoinette Schultze

October 1979 — Jane Beerits, Henry Beerits, Cicily Aikman, Fred Scherer, Porge Buck, Lewis Buck

September 1979 — Margaret Manter, Libby Wohler, Sharon Ventimiglia

August 1979 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1979 — First Summer Invitational

May 1979 — Lynn Harwood, Christine York, Marian Dwyer

April 1979 — Jonathan Taylor, photography

February 1979 — Antique Apparel & Accessories


Board members in 1978: Madge Ames (treasurer)

May 1978 — Winifred Long, Margaret Stucki

April 1978 — Dan Cake

February — Wood Arts


Board members and key volunteers in 1977: Irma Bell (president), Florence Daly (vice president & newsletter editor), Allen Bernstein (secretary/recoding secretary), Marnie Libby (recording secretary), Madge Ames (treasurer), Gary Hoyle (nominating committee chair), Meyer Emanuel, Don Huff (building manager), Gertrude Lippmann, Adele Nichols (artistic director), Laura Rothstein, Mary Tracy (corresponding secretary), Arline Atkins (secretary), Lynn Huff (membership chair), Helen Matz, Esther Laughlin, Barbara O’Connor

The key to the gallery was kept by Dom at Dom’s Barber Shop next door to the gallery. The board discussed the possibility of making the 3rd floor available for classes or studio work.

KVAA Summer Art Festival — August 6, 1977

Maine Artist’s Week took place May 7-14, 1977 with exhibits and displays in the Augusta Area including the The Harlow Gallery, the Talent Tree Gallery, Augusta Chamber of Commerce, Lithgow Library, Chernowsky’s, Farrell’s, Kennebec Photo, Melody Shop, Stone & Cooper, Loring, Short & Harmon, Mr. Paperback, Where It’s At, and the Hubbard Free Library. A coordinated efforet by the members of the Union of Maine Visual Artists, funded by the Maine Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

KVAA scholarship awarded to Arlene Kelly, Gardiner HS

November 1977 — Richard Wiggins Johnson

October 1977– John Ireland Collins, Nancy Maguire

September 1977 — Michael Willis, Robert Deis

June 1977 — Spring Member’s Show

May 1977 – paintings by Painter Higgins of Colby College and metal sculpture by Peter Jung Weil

March 1977 – Invitational Show.

February 1977 – Metal Arts Exhibit: cosponsored by the Current Events Club, largely a loan and educational show, this was the 4th year of collaboration. Irma Bell committee chair.


Board members and key volunteers in 1976 Laura Rothstein (president), Irma Bell (program chairman), Madge Ames (treasurer), Current Events Club Members: Mrs. Harry Bell, Mrs. Joseph Craig, Mrs. Donald Huff, Mrs. Helen Matz, Mrs. David Palmer , Mrs. Charles Rothstein, Mrs. Nathaniel Wilson, Florence Daly (newsletter editor)

From April newsletter: on March 29 the board discussed …the establishment of a KVAA Memorial Fund to carry on the giving of an award to a graduating High School student for excellence in Art. According to the June newsletter, “The gifts and bequest received for this purpose have been put into a seperate account, earmarked for scholarships. It was started with $545. It was voted to give the award this year to a Cony graduate, then to start rotating, first to Gardiner, then Hall-Dale, etc. The scholarship for 1976 was awarded to Deborah Dulac of Cony HS.

Goodrich Fund, Ashley Fund renamed KVAA Memorial Fund. [Partridge Fund spent] by October 1976 over $500 in scholarship fund.– from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

KVAA Summer Art Festival and Bicentennial Celebration in conjunction with Old Hallowell Day at the boat landing July 17, 1976.

December 1976 – Members’ Christmas Show

November 1976 — paintings by Allan Lehtis and sculpture by Mariel Lehtis, both of Albion

October 1976 – four members of the Hanks family: watercolors of water fowl by Ted Hanks, pencil drawings by Consuelo Hanks, portaits and figure studies by Peter Hanks, and watercolors by Robyn Holman.

September 1976 – pen & ink drawings with watercolor by Roderick Dew of Augusta & drawings with watercolor by Ellsworth Greene of Aberdeen, Washington

August 1976 – Invitational: Meyer Emanuel, Alfred Fuller, Charles Goodhue, Stephen Howard, Dahlov Ipcar, William Moise, Robert Eric Moore, Richard Wiggin Johnson, Rheta Morgan, Adele Nichols, Jason Schoener, Nancy McGuire, Priscilla Pattison, Jane Wasey.

July 1976 — Bicentennial Exhibit featuring pictures of Hallowell and historic sites by members of the KVAA

May 16-19, 1976 – Annual Hadassah Art Exhibit (location? not at the Harlow)

May 1976 – watercolors, serigraphs and collage by Francis Hamabe of Blue Hill

April 1976 –

February 1976 – Needle Arts Exhibit – KVAA’s third Bicentennial project; cosponsored by the Current Events Club.


Board Members and key volunteers in 1975: Adele Nichols, Laura Rothstein (president), Madge Ames (treasurer), Florence Daly (newsletter editor), Irma Bell (program chairman), Gary Hoyle and Alice Darlington (art rental program), Gary Hoyle, Helen Matz, Bob Acheson

August 23, 1975 — KVAA Summer Art Festival organized by Rhoda Oakly, Florence Daly & Helen Batz.

August 1975 Partridge Memorial Scholarship Fund depleted; recieved other memorial gifts of $162 and $500. Bake sale grossed $145. Rent $2,118, dues $460, gifts $1,278, gross sales $8111; building repair $475, total assets $1,903. January 1975 – need membership committee; trouble getting gallery sitters. — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

December 1975 – KVAA Members’ Christmas Show

November 1975 – art by students and faculty from the Portland Art School; supported by a grant from the Maine Commission on the Arts & Humanities

October 1975 – Paintings by Lina Burley of East Boothbay and Stuart Rossof Brunswick and Georgetown.

September 1975 — Thirteen Potters Thirteen Printmakers — the potters: John & Toby Allen, Brenda Anderson, Patt Franklin, Ron Garfinkel, Peter Green, Marnie Libby, Abbott Meader, Joshua Nadel, Adele Nichols, Sharone Ventimiglia, Rhoses Wright; the printmakers: Dan Cake, Nicholas Dean, Alan Hynd, Harriet Matthews, Abbott Meader, John Ogden, Paul Plumer, Jr., Edgar Sewall, Estelle Shevis, William Shevis, Margaret Sturgis, Anthony Vaja. Part of a community wide series of exhibitions called Maine Harvest: 200 Years of Arts and Crafts in Maine

August 1975 — Invitational Show

July 1975 – Invitational Show: Peter Cook, Peter Hanks, Robert Eric Moore, Anthony Vajs, John Ireland Collins, Phyllis Riedel, Stephen Howard, Consuelo Eames Hanks, Halle Johnson, Eva Marco, Louise Webber, Alan Hynd, Anne Hamblen, Nancy McGuire, Barry Norling, Paul Marco and Herman Schwargereit.

June 1975 – Member’s Show

May 1975 – Retrospective of late charter member Mary Preble

March 1975 – Indian Arts and Culture; an exhibition of artifacts and crafts from the collection of Mr. Peter Terry.

February 1975 – Parade of the Dolls: an exhibition of antique and collectible dolls, cosponsored by the Current Events Club of Hallowell


Board Members and key volunteers in 1974: Irma Bell, Helen Matz, Florence Daly (newsletter editor), Laura Rothstein, Madge Ames (treasurer)

August 10, 1974 – Art Festival with 15 art exhibitors. Prizes awarded toDavid Brooks, Wendy Stewart and Gary Hoyle.

May 6, 1974 — had to change locks/key – out of control; rent income $1,903, dues $460, gross art sales $522; donation of $500 from Mrs. James Goodwin of Hartford, CT for repairs to building furnace. — from notes on KVAA history by Sharon Reishus, 1996

December 1974 — Members’ Show; including this year “quality arts and crafts of real artisitic merit”

October 1974 – sculpture by Elizabeth Bongers-Umberhind of Richmond; drawings and watercolors by Allen Hynd of Cushing

September 1974 – THREADS: Maine Guild of Spinners and Weavers2nd annual juried exhibit; with an exhibit of mini-looms arranged by Rachel Emmons of North Windham.

August 1974 – Invitational Show

February 1974 — Quilts: cosponsored by the Hallowell Current Events Club


Board Members in 1973: Madge Ames (treasurer)


Board Members in 1972: Madge Ames (treasurer)

Art auctioned at the Harlow to benefit educational television Channel WCBB in April.


Board Members in 1971: Madge Ames (treasurer)


Board members in 1970: Madge Ames (treasurer)