Exhibitions and key events from the 1980s. All took place at the Harlow Gallery unless otherwise noted.



Board members in 1989: Madge Ames (treasurer),  Don Huff (building committee chair)

Financial Report for year ending December 31, 1989 (general funds) reported $8,675.06 in income, includeing $$6,012.50 in rent, $1,235 in dues and $1,035 in gallery sales.  Expenditures totaled $7,839.25, with $1,409 going to heating oil, about $1,000 each to property taxes and insurance, and artist commissions paid totaled $723.

In the April 1989 Newsletter,  Don Huff, Chairman of the KVAA building committee reported: “Any building needs constant care and after the flood of 1987 we had much work that needed to be done on our building. We contracted to have the following tasks done at a cost of about $10,000.

*Eaves on front & back of roof repaired.

*Two coats of paint applied to the metal roof.

*Gallery floor repaired and new carpet laid.

*New deck and stairs to rear of building accommodating both gallery space and second floor apartment.

*New door from outside to entrance of rear second floor apt.

*Unused chimney lowered and recapped.”

December 1989 – All Members Show

November 1989 – John Lawrence

October 1989 – Laurie Harter and Priscilla Patrone

September 1989 – oils by Rachel Shiro

July/August 1989 – Invitational Show

May 1989 – Silk Screen/Photography


Board members in 1988: Madge Ames (treasurer), Pat Kinsey

Dues still just $5 a year.


Board members in 1987: Madge Ames (treasurer)

Staff in 1987: Adele Nichols, director; Madge Ames, assistant director (volunteer positions)

April 1, 1987 — 100 year flood of the Kennebec River filled the first floor gallery with 6 feet of water. $7,000 was raised to repair the gallery, which reopened in November of 1987.

125 members; individual artist dues are $15.


Board members in 1986: Madge Ames (treasurer)

Staff in 1986: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)


Board members in

Staff in 1985: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)


Board members in 1984: Marilyn Karl, Phillis Wicks, Helen Matz, Doris Smith, Doris Godfrey, Jean Fowler, Nancy Fraser, Florence Daly, Madge Ames (treasurer)

Staff in 1984: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)

25th Anniversary Celebration on December 7, 1984

Scholarships awarded to Mechele Sibilia of Maranacook HS and Peter Buotte of Cony HS

September 1984 — Janice Kasper, Mary Jo Rines

August 1984 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1984 — First Summer Invitational

May 1984 — Ann Ayvaliotis

April 1984 — Marian Dwyer


Board members in 1983: Phyllis Wicks (president), Nancy Fraser (vice president), Madge Ames (treasurer), Doris Smith (secretary), Don Huff, Helen Matz, Laura Rothstein

Staff in 1983: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)

KVAA scholarships awarded to Sandra Leinonen & Spencer Wright

Life Drawing group begins, meeting on Tuesday evenings.

October 1983 — “Shock of the New” Moderators’ Exhibition: Abbott Meader, Phil Paratore, James Carpenter, Philip Isaacson, Leonard Craig, John Lorence, Larry Lutchmansingh, Harriet Matthews: The KVAA received a grant from the Maine Humanities Council to screen the 8 part BBC film series, The Shock of the New, with a guest moderator for each film.

September 1983 — Penny Oliphant, Tom Kennedy

August 1983 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1983 — First Summer Invitational

May 1983 — Doris Schoonmaker, Dorothy Schwartz, Olive Metcalf

April 1983 — Virginia S. Brun, Antoinette Jackman


Board members in 1982: Phyllis Wicks (president), Nancy Fraser (vice president), Madge Ames (treasurer), Doris Smith (secretary), Irma Bell, Meyer Emanuel, Helen Matz, Florence Daly, Laura Rothstein

Staff in 1981: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)

Scholarships awarded to Sharon Kincaid of Winthrop HS and Scott Joy of Cony

November 1982 — Louise Davies Webber

September 1982 — Roberta & Tom Nadeau

August 1982 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1982 — First Summer Invitational

May 1982 — Nina Jerome Sutcliffe

March/April 1982 — Janice Kasper, Pat Aldrich


Board members in 1981: Pam Chase (president), Candace Carlson (vice president), Doris Smith (secretary), Madge Ames (treasurer), Laura Rothstein, Louise Webber, Marilyn Dwelley, Toni Tardiff, Irma Bell

Staff in 1981: Adele Nichols, director (volunteer)

Scholarships awarded to Karen Letteney of Cony and Jane McLaughlin of Gardiner HS.

October/November 1981 — Diane & Hank Tyler

September/October 1981 — Helen Marie Allen, Lewis Buck

August 1981 — Second Summer Invitational

July 1981 — First Summer Invitational

April 1981 — Florence Daly

March 1981 — Five Printmakers of Maine: Katherine Corti, Susan Groce, Susanne Parker, Grace Tagliabui, Frances Hodsdon


Board members in 1980: Don Huff (president), Diane Gibson (vice president), Marion Marvin (vice president), Doris Smith (secretary), Madge Ames (treasurer), Florence Daly, Irma Bell, Janice Farrar, Helen Matz

September 1980 — Antoinette Schultze, William J. Mikulka

August 1980 — Second Summer Intitational

July 1980 — First Summer Invitational

April 1980 — Charles Goodhue, Nell Burbank

March 1980 — Westbrook Printmakers: Jacque Rochester, Jennifer Uzman, Donald Thayer