Exhibitions and key events from the 1990s. All took place at the Harlow Gallery unless otherwise noted.



Board members in 1999: Valerie Howard (president & newsletter editor), Linda Murray (secretary), David Hodsdon (treasurer), Mark Small (building manager), Sandy Leinonen-Dunn (gallery committee), Steve Dunn (scholarships), Judy Schuppien (publicity)

October 1999 – Potpourri: Ruth Bookey solo show

May 1999 — Art ’99: Juried by Karen Gilg, professor of art at UMA


Board members in 1998: Linda Murray (president & editor), Judy Herman (vice president & programs), Susan Webb (secretary), John Murray (treasurer), Judy Schuppien (publicity), Tracy Perez, Nancy Fraser, Lea Clunie, Elizabeth Caton

August 1998 — A Splash of Color — Ruth Bookey, Marian Ouellett, Mildred Stengel and Loretta Reichel in the member’s corner

July 1998 — Ray Skolfield Retrospective

May 1998 — Art ’98 — open juried show

April 1998 — Personal Expressions– students and instructors of Gardiner Area High School

March 1998 — Capital Area Camera Club

Februay 1998 — ICE AGE ’98 a two week ‘happening’ coordinated byVictoria Chiudina

January 1998– Life Drawing — Melanie Farmer, Dwinal Wood, Sandy Leinonen, Linda Murray, Joe Klofas, Richard Kingdon, Chris Cart & Penny Markley



Board of directors in 1997: Lea Clunie (president), Tracy Perez, Scott Cowger (treasurer), Sharon Reishus (secretary), Elizabeth Caton, Nancy Fraser, Judy Herman, Linda Murray, Judy Schuppien, Susan Webb

A series of art workshops for children and adults taught in the 2nd floor studio space through the fall an winter of 1997; instructors included: Carolee Weglang, Milton Christianson, Lenora Lebowitz, Frances Hodsdon, Chris Vanderbrook, Marilyn Karl, Lea Clunie, Susan Jay Sager and Victoria Chiudina.

September 1997 — Art ’97 Juried Show Winners Herb Aldrich and Bill Wyman with featured artist Sandy Leinonen

August 1997 — Volunteer’s Show — Susan Webb, Judy Schuppien, Ruth Bookey, Linda Murray, Dianne Salfas, Lea Clunie, Joe Klofas, Nancy Fraser, Mary Crump, Richard Kingdon

July 1997 — The Guiding Light — the lighthouse show — Mari Goodwin, Judith Schuppien, Joanna Damon, Donna Wenckus, Sarah H. Harvey, Atwood Hobbs, Ruth Bookey, Katherine Gray, Jim Toothacher, Lea Clunie, Richard Kingdon, J.K. Herman, Linda Murray, Melanie Farmer

May 1997– Art ’97 — annual juried show

March 1997 — Capital Area Camera Club

February 1997 — The Really Big Show — Judith Schuppien, Hector Arrache, Linda Murray, Nancy Fraser, Chris Cart, Tracy Perez, Susan Reidy Pillsbury, C. Vandebroek, M. Van De Broeke, Melanie Farmer, Elisabeth Umberhind, Geof Dow, Marc Poirier, Cindy Morneault

January 1997– Life Drawing — Joe Klofas, J.K. Herman, Rebecca Rivers, Hector Arrache, Judy Schuppien, Ruth Bookey, Sue Webb, Corliss Chastain, Frances Hodsdon, Sandy Leinonen, Sarah Harvey, Mary Crump, Penny Markley, L. Brouillard, Jackie, Melanie Farmer, Connie Liakas, Dianne Salfas, Richard Kingdon, Robert Leach, Julian Sacks, Greg Gilbert


Board members in 1996: Chris Vandebroek (president), Sharon Reishus (secretary), Joe Klofas, Sue Webb, Jerry Gaboury, Judy Herman, Scott Cowger (treasurer), Laura Rothstein, Don Huff (building manager), Marc Poirier, Lea Clunie

Chris Vandebroek wrote a grant to the American Association of Museums Collection Management Assessment program and recieved $1,975.

Annual dues are $15 (regular), $20 (supporting), $25 (sponsor)

December 1996 — Holiday Show

November 1996 — Tag Sale — art under $100

October 1996 — The Fall Show — Elizabeth Caton, Judy Herman, Donna Wenckus, Rebecca Rivers, Gerald J. Gaboury, Ruth Bookey, Nancy Frasier, Roger Morin, Christian Verndebroek, Lea Clunie, Judith Schuppien, Connie Ottman Liakas, Sherman Johhansen, Sue Reidy, Sue Webb, Maggy Mascher, Geoffrey Dow, Jenny Ames, Josephine Reichel, Linda Murray, Sarah Helen Harvey, Clare Walden, Sandy Leinonen, Linda Brouillard, Adele Nichols, Mike Nichols, Nancy McGinnis, Steve Dunn, Marilyn Karl, Robert Leach

September 1996 — The Bake Sale — Art about food.

July 1996 — The Maine Experience

June 1996 — Anything Goes A salon show.

May 1996 — Art 96 annual Juried art show, juried by Robyn Holman, Arts Coordinator for Lewiston-Auburn College, University of Southern Maine

 Cake Auction Newsletter Nov 1996


Board members in 1995: Chris Vandebroek (president), Joe Klofas (vice president), Scott Cowger (treasurer), Hank Tyler (treasurer), , Sharon Reishus (secretary), Marc Poirier, Adele Nichols, Phyllis Mazzotta Wicks, Jerry Gaboury, Laura Rothstein, Don Huff

Staff: Mike Nichols (paid gallery sitter) laid off as of September 1995.

At the members meeting of July 1995, members voted to institute radical changes to operations at the Harlow (apparently many felt Adele Nichols leadership had become too heavy handed). Per August 1995 Newsletter:

Only members can show at the gallery. — Members will participate in all decisions including shows and special events. — The members corner will be renamed the KVAA Featured Artist’s Corner. — We will prepare ourselves to become a fully volunteer organization. — We will create incentives for members to volunteer (volunteer shows, recognition night, etc…) — We will have more special events (such as Old Hallowell Art Show, jazz night, poetry reading, etc…) — The board will streamline the business operation f KVAA and write a policy manual.

Total budget as approved by the new board on July 17, 1995: Income $21,200, Expenses $20,900

Track lighting and the 4′ high homeosote panels were installed this year.

November 1995 — Milton Chritianson

October 1995 — Hector Arrache and Don Justin Meserve

September 1995 — Antoinette Jackman, Joy Vaughn, Elizabeth Caton, Lisa Paige, Sandra Leinonen

from Feb 1995 newsletter


Board members in 1993: Marc Poirier (president), Josephine Belmont (vice president), Sandy Leinonen (secretary), Scott Cowger (treasurer), Harry Tyler (treasurer)

Paid Staff — Mike Nichols (gallery sitter)

Art Auction at Ashlie’s Ballroom, Hallowell grossed $3,000. 2 sessions of 6 week children’s art classes followed by kids’ art exhibit. Member’s corner, bine art and portfolio of members started. Homosote & track lighting installed.

November 1994 — Ed Gamble

October 1994 — C. Abbot Meader

September 1994 –De De & Hank Tyler

August – July 1994 — Summer Invitationals

May 1994 — Scott Reed, Virgina Sally Brun

April 1994 — Capital Area Camera Club

March 1994 — Women in the Arts Exhibit

February 1994 — UMA Art Show (Phil Paratore’s Class)

A Day in Vaughan Woods 1994


Board members in 1993: Madge Ames (co-chair), Marc Poirier (president), Mary Crump (vice president), Sandy Leinonen (secretary), Melanie Farmer (treasurer), Don Huff, Florence Daly, Nancy Fraser, Phyllis Mazzota-Wicks, Laura Rothstein, Mike Nichols

Staff in 1993: Adele Nichols, Director (volunteer)

Madge Ames stepped down as treasurer after over 30 years of service. Cultural exchange with Fujino, Japan. 2 sessions of 6 week children’s art classes followed by kids’ art exhibit.

From a letter dated June 17, 1993 from Adele Nichols to the membership: “HARLOW GALLERY is facing a crisis! Our existence had for years been the result of devoted volunteers to whom we are grateful. For over twenty-five years we have never had an entry fee or a charge of any type for many of our exhibits. With the burdening operational and maintenance costs, we feel in all fairness that a fee of $10.00 for three (3) works of art in any media is one of the solutions to help keep the gallery in operation.”

November 1993 — Marc Poirer

October 1993 — Lee Brown

August – July 1993 — Summer Invitationals

May 1993 — Nancy Jacob

April 1993 — Margo Ogdon


Board members in 1992: Madge Ames (treasurer)


Board members in 1991: Madge Ames (treasurer)


Board members in 1990: Madge Ames (treasurer)