Art at Home 2017: East Winthrop

Artwork by Nancy Keenan Barron | The Rudy/Blevins Collection | Art at Home 2017

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 | 10am-3pm | SAVE THE DATE

What is Art At Home? 
Art at Home is a unique, self-guided house tour of local residences featuring personal collections, distinctive decor and more. The participating homes/venues, all in East Winthrop, were selected to showcase not only their art collections, but also their relationships with their art, and the way art and living space are integrated in their personal spaces.

Of the very first tour in 2011 Hallowell resident Dawn Gallagher said, “[Art at Home] goes beyond art on view at a gallery or in a museum. Art is transformed within the context of a home, and it transforms the home as well. The room itself becomes an art composition, reflecting who lives there.”

Tour highlights:
Kennebec Cider is hosting select artists from the area including Diane Harwood Pottery, Florence Daly, and artwork by Kennebec Cider owner Nathan Hall. Kennebec Cider will also host a local food truck along with free cider tastings. Other tour highlights include the home of Hallowell City Manager Nate Rudy and the historic home formerly owned by Georgia Fuller Weisendanger which has been undergoing major renovations for the past three years.

Buy tickets:
$20 in advance or $25 the day of the event.
Only a limited number of tickets will be sold.
Reserve your tickets now via one of the methods below. 

  • Call the Harlow Gallery at 207-622-3813
  • Or buy online via the link below

Picking up your tickets:
Before the event: Tickets can be picked up anytime after purchase at the Harlow Gallery at 160 Water Street in Hallowell.
Day of event: Tickets can be picked up or purchased the day of the event at D.R. Struck Landscape Nursery at 2215 US Route 202 in East Winthrop and at Helene Farrar Art Studio at 903 Western Avenue in Manchester. 

Participating venues/homes:
Scroll down for images.

Nate Rudy and Adrian Blevins:
The home of Hallowell City Manager Nate Rudy and Colby professor and poet Adrian Blevins is both inviting and spacious. Their collection features work by many local artists including Adrianne Beachum, Nancy Keenan Barron, Tedd and Carole Blevins, and more.

Collection of Nate Rudy and Adrian Blevins

D.R.Struck, Robin Struck:
D. R. Struck is one of two locations where you can purchase and pick up last minute tickets. (The other is Helene Farrar Art Studio.) D.R. Struck is featuring artwork from Don and Eileen Kerr as well as Jane Higgins. Eileen’s work is primarily figurative paintings made with a variety of media. Don works sculpts with wire, and Jane is a painter. D. R. Struck is a garden center and landscape designing/building company offering creative landscaping and gifts for your lifestyle.


Sarah Fuller:
The home of Sarah Fuller features an eclectic variety of both 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional art including a selection of aboriginal art and African masks and baskets as well as items from local artists and crafters.


Barb Coriell and Mike Duckett:
​This historic home is a presentation of art and architecture. The art collection started in 1978 and pieces have been added over the years from artists, auctions and estate sales in Ohio, Hawaii and Maine. Included are oils, watercolors, prints, Chinese ink brush, Vietnamese fabric art and paintings by Tyrone Powers’ sister Anne Hardenbergh and the film director Walter Lang. The home built in 1824 is a classic Federal big house, little house, back house, barn and has been undergoing renovation for 3 years. Its prior owner Georgia Fuller Weisendanger was a well known realtor in her day.

Collection of Barbara Coriell Collection of Barbara Coriell

Kennebec Cider:
Kennebec Cider is hosting select artists from the area including Diane Harwood Pottery (AKA Mudgirl), paintings by the late Florence Daly, artwork by Cynthia Ahlstrin and artwork by Kennebec Cider owner Nathan Hall. They are also hosting host a local food truck, “On a Roll” along with free cider tastings.


Kerry and Matthew Deming:
This collection is full of artwork by local artists including Cynthia Alhstrin, Chris and Jen Cart, Nancy Keenan Barron, Kris Johnsen, artists from Monhegan Island, and more. The home also features many creative homemade (by the owners) aspects such as handmade bird baths in the gardens surrounding the house, as well as a dewey decimal system library card file repurposed into a wine holder.


Helene Farrar Art Studio:
Helene Farrar’s art studio is one of two locations where you can purchase and pick up last minute tickets. (The other is D. R. Struck.) While you are there be sure to check out Helene’s space where she both creates and teaches art. Helene is a painter, working in primarily encaustic. She teaches a variety of media in her classes to a full range of ages.


Volunteers needed:
Help us make Art at Home a fun and successful event! If you’re interested in lending a hand during Art at Home please contact Cassie Bouton, Harlow Gallery Manager, at 207-622-3813 or




Art at Home East Winthrop is sponsored by D.R. Struck Landscape Nursery, G&E Roofing Co, Inc, Granite Hill Estates, Helene Farrar Art Studio, Levey, Wagley, & Putman, PA, Attorneys at Law, Lighthouse Wine & Seafood, Macomber, Farr & Whitten Insurance, and by Sprague & Curtis Real Estate.


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