Art At Home Tour October 29

Join us in historic downtown Hallowell on Saturday, October 29th to experience our 4th biennial Art at Home tour, a unique, self-guided house tour of local residences featuring personal collections, distinctive decor and more.

Saturday, October 29, 2016, 10am – 4pm

Buy Tickets
$20 in advance or $25 the day of the event. Only a limited number of tickets will be sold.
Reserve your tickets now via one of the methods below. 

  • Call the Harlow Gallery at 207-622-3813
  • Or buy online (CLICK HERE)

Tickets can be picked up  anytime after purchase at the Harlow Gallery. Scroll down for see how it works.

What is Art At Home?
Art at Home is a unique, self-guided house tour of local residences featuring personal collections, distinctive decor and more. The participating homes, all in or near downtown Hallowell, were selected to showcase not only their residents’ art collections, but also their relationships with their art, and the way art and living space are integrated in their personal spaces. 

How it works
Tickets and tour maps (with complimentary Hallowell coupon packet!) can be reserved and picked up the day of the event. Harlow Gallery will open at 8am on October 29th, the day of Art at Home, for last minute ticket buyers. (please do NOT visit any homes until 10am). Reserve your tickets ahead of time for best price! Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 the day of the tour. Homes are open from 10am to 4pm with a lunch break from 12:30-1:30pm. You may visit the homes in any order. 

Of the 2011 tour Hallowell resident Dawn Gallagher said, “[Art at Home] goes beyond art on view at a gallery or in a museum. Art is transformed within the context of a home, and it transforms the home as well. The room itself becomes an art composition, reflecting who lives there.

Participating venues/homes (scroll down for photos):

  • Chris & Jen Cart
  • Billiann & Richard Dolby
  • Pamela Lane
  • Margo Ogden
  • Frank O’Hara & Jane O’Rourke
  • Lisa Rigoulot & Kate Dufour
  • Diana Scully
  • Mark Walker & Donna DuBlois
  • Hubbard Free Library
  • Chris Walters

THE CART COLLECTION: Most artists collect art themselves; they often trade with other artists and purchase art they love or find inspiring. The Cart home is filled with art, artists, multiple art studios and creativity! Adventerous visitors may have the opportunity to visit Chris Cart’s wonderful garret studio.

THE DOLBY COLLECTION: The Dolby collection is made up of local artists set in a home built around 1952….new for Hallowell. Look for art by Bruce Mayo, Sandy Dunn and Nancy Barron, with some family pieces sprinkled in. Billiann is famous for her hospitality, and describes the collection as one with “No rhyme nor reason to the art…just stuff we liked, or were given!”

THE LANE COLLECTION: This little colonial home in the historic district dates from the early 1800s. Don’t miss the kitchen which is custom decorated on every surface with incredibly detailed painting and inlay in an eye-popping riot of color. Lane’s art collection ranges from work by contemporary local artists to vintage pastels by her Great-Great-Great Grandfather, William H. Chandler, a well known NY based artist from around the turn of the last century.

THE OGDEN COLLECTION: Margo Ogden’s collection includes works from fellow artist, her son’s photographs as well as others, students’ work, and her own paintings and prints . Some of the art work on view was made shortly after her master’s program in Venice and has not been shown around here. Ogden now concentrates on making monotypes and during the day will demonstrate some of her techniques using her etching press.

THE O’HARA/O’ROURKE COLLECTION: The O’Hara O’Rourke collection shows how art can be integrated into collectors’ lives in a very person and meaningful way. The collection includes vintage and contemporary work by Hallowell based artists, unique family portraits and much more.

THE RIGOLOUT/DUFOUR COLLECTION: The Rigoulot Dufour Collection features family artworks as well as a variety of locally known artists including Marc Poirier, Nancy Keenan Barron, Bruce mayo, Judith Schuppien, and many more. Tour participants will also enjoy an array of antique and vintage items throughout the home.

THE SCULLY COLLECTION: The Scully Collection: Roots & Wings – Diana Scully describes her eclectic art collection as Roots & Wings. ROOTS includes a mid-19th century portrait of a New Hampshire ancestor; scenes in Washington DC and West Virginia painted in the early- to mid-20th century by Diana’s great aunt; WW II era artwork her great grandmother brought back from trips to China, Japan and Egypt and much more. WINGS includes prints by Manuel Rodriguez, father of modern Filipino printmaking, with whom Diana studied as a Peace Corps Volunteer; and other artwork collected on her travels; Wabanaki baskets and other artwork; are by local artists and more.

THE WALKER/DUBLOIS COLLECTION: The Walker DuBlois collection features work by Hallowell artists in an ultra modern open space concept home built in 2015.

THE WALTERS COLLECTION: This spacious modern home is exuberantly decorated with custom murals by artists from near and far, including Sam Shain, Hillary Davis and Sam Hill (aka Moon Man Sam) of Hallowell, Mick Rich and Christine Wright of Portland and Mike Norice of Los Angeles, CA.

THE HUBBARD FREE LIBRARY: The art collection at the Hubbard surrounds readers everyday and is often overlooked and taken for granted. This is a chance to learn more about some of Hallowell’s art treasures, which includes some amazing portraits of Hallowell citizens over the history of Maine’s smallest city, from the 1800s to those newly missed like Alan Strickland and Betty Bachelder.

Art At Home is sponsored by :
Forgotten Stoneworks and Edward Jones Financial Advisor Julie Barter Lucas 


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