Anita Morrissey

Anita Morrissey

Anita Morrissey

42 Shepherd Road, Sidney ME 04330

About the Artist
Anita Morrissey grew up in Gardiner, Maine, earned a BA degree in English from the University of Maine and is a retired educator.  She has studied art at the University of Maine, Portland School of Art, and Colby College, and has been painting for over fifteen years.  She has also studied with Ted Arnold at Round Top Center for the Arts and Tina Ingraham in her Bath, Maine studio.

Her work has been shown at many central Maine venues including the Harlow Gallery, Slates Restaurant, White Flour Caterers, Maple Hill Conference Center, the Renaissance Gallery, and the Monkitree. She has many pieces in private collections.

Artist Statement

“I paint to say something personal about about what I see.  And I try to see with all my senses.

When I begin a painting, I usually have a general idea about what I want to say.  I choose a subject and decide on canvas size and shape, prepare the pallet, and sometimes do a sketch to help me decide on a composition and to focus on the values and large shapes. Once I make the first mark, the painting takes on a life of its own:  the process is wildly intuitive–especially at first. The colors, shapes, textures, values, edges, and sometimes even the basic composition all have things to tell me.  We all interact…we hang out.  We have conversations and learn intimate things about each other…which makes it great fun, but can easily lead to a muddy mess on canvas.  After the first “draft” I usually live with the work for a while and sometimes get feedback from my trusted critics and try to resolve those things which are confusing or don’t work well.  In the end, though, it is about making all the components work together in a fresh, interesting, meaningful and balanced way.

Every new canvas is an invitation to say something that might not be obvious at first look.  Ambiguity and unpredictability are important in my work.  I enjoy surprises.” –Anita Morrissey


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