Larinda Meade

Larinda Meade

Larinda Meade
Portland, Maine

My work revolves around the exploration of Maine and New England landscapes. Landscape has always been my home in art—the play of light and dark, the feelings evoked I want viewers to recognize my work as a landscape and to also have the landscape be somewhat abstract. My practice is to walk, draw, photograph my environs—and then begin creating a print from the sketches. Most people ask if these are real places and in many ways they are real places—just not exactly; they are always an interpretation.

The making of the mark is visceral and I want the viewer to incorporate the marks into their experience. I work at describing the landscape that is home to me and use the printmaking tools of layering, textures and darks and lights to create the image. I have chosen to work with aquatints, dry point and line etching for the printmaking language.


Zea Mays Printmaking Archive and Flat File, Florence, Massachusetts
Peregrine Press Flat File, Portland, Maine
Southern Graphics Council International Archive, Georgia
Peck School of Art, University Milwaukee, Wisconsin
University of New England, Portland, Maine
Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts
Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine
New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, Connecticut

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