Book-signing of “World Voyagers” with Amy Peters Wood and Philip J. Shelton

The public is invited to a book-signing with Amy Peters Wood and Philip J. Shelton of Book Orchard Press for their tale of circumnavigating the globe, “World Voyagers, the True Story of a Veterinarian a Renaissance Man and Stewart the Cat”. The event will take place on Saturday, June 27, 7-8:30PM at Harlow Gallery. Guests will have the opportunity not only to meet the authors but also to view the exhibition “Perspicere: Amy Peters Wood and Richard William Blanchard”, on display June 5-27. Both the exhibition and the book-signing are free and open to the public.

Wonder what would it be like to sail off into the sunset? Discover one couples’ adventures building a boat and sailing around the world with their cat, limited finances, and a twenty-two ton soggy suitcase. The award winning book “World Voyagers” is a no-holds-barred account of just what it is like living the dream. With photos, video, art and readings from her book “World Voyagers the True story of a Veterinarian, a Renaissance Man and Stewart the Cat,” Amy Peters Wood will bring together the elements and people from around the world, which lead to a transformative artistic process and roadmap for life.

Philip J Shelton, Amy Peters Wood, and Stewart the Cat