CLOSED. Call for Artists and Farmers: CSA II

CLOSED. Call for Artists and Farmers: CSA II

CSA 2012: Artist Matt Demers with Farmer Ivan Smith of Snafu Acres

CSA II: Community Supporting Arts

Call for artists and CSA farmers

Application deadline: September 1, 2016

About CSA: Community Supporting Arts: In 2012 the Harlow Gallery organized the first Community Supporting Arts (CSA) project to connect Maine’s artist and farming communities, two vibrant and idealistic groups that are key to our state’s unique sense of place. It was a huge success so we’re doing it again in 2017!

We are seeking 10 Maine artists to participate in CSA II  to be paired with 10 Maine farms. Each artist will seek inspiration in his or her counterpart’s life, work, landscape, ideals and challenges over the course of the 2017 growing season and create work based on their experiences and observations.  Partnering farmers will be those operating CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) farms. A CSA farm offers shares at the beginning of the growing season and then provides fresh, seasonal food on a regular basis to each shareholding household throughout the growing season. Community Supported Agriculture is a grassroots response to the growing social and environmental problems of our modern industrial food system.


September 1, 2016 – deadline for applications to participate from artists and farmers

January 1, 2017 – artist/farmer partnerships announced to public

January – October 2017 – farm visits and art-making ongoing

Fall 2017 – CSA: Community Supporting Arts exhibition at the Harlow Gallery

Fall/Winter 2017 – additional exhibitions and events (venues TBA)



FOR FARMERS: information about artists

The CSA: Community Supporting Arts project celebrates the wide range and variety of creative styles which Maine artists work in. By applying for participation in this project you agree to maintain a welcoming attitude toward your counterpart’s artistic depiction of your farm.  

An integral part of this project is the excitement of seeing the diverse ways in which artists use a fresh perspective to depict farms and farmlife. In this project, CSA farms will be interpreted by diverse approaches ranging from representational realism to abstract or conceptual art. This is part of what makes CSA such a unique and exciting project. The fewer preconceived notions or expectations about your artist and their work the better.


FOR ARTISTS: information about farms

What is a CSA? The way a CSA works is that people make a financial commitment to “their” farm by investing in a share of the produce at the beginning of the growing season. In return farmers are committed to producing for their members the freshest, most flavorful, highest quality food possible. Typically, each CSA member gets a weekly delivery (or pick-up on the farm) of produce from early summer through summer (16-20 weeks).

Community Supported Agriculture is a grassroots response to the growing social and environmental problems of our modern industrial food system. According to MOFGA, Maine’s CSA community includes over 150 farms and 6,200 shares. CSA farming is transforming relationships between people, food, and farms. Each farm is as unique as the community supporting it.

Seasonal timeline


  • Marketing CSA for new/old members
  • Last year’s root crops in storage for winter shares or winter farmers’ markets
  • Start seedlings inside under grow lights
  • Greenhouse/hoophouse for overwintering spinach/carrots under row cover for spring distribution


  • Transplanting into garden beds


  • Sharing up with members; growing; harvesting; washing; packing; delivery or pick-up on farm

Presented by the Kennebec Valley Art Association a 501(c)3 membership based arts organization, we’ve owned and operated the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell since 1963.


CSA: Community Supporting Arts Steering Committee:

Chris Cart – A Hallowell based artist and graphic designer, Chris served on the original CSA project planning committee and designed the project book in 2012.

Deborah Fahy – Executive director at the Harlow Gallery. Deb served on the original CSA project planning committee and came up with the idea for CSA in the first place.

Lily Joslin – MA candidate in Sustainable Food Systems at Green Mountain College and apprentice butcher at Farmers’ Gate Market in Wales.

Allison McKeen – Artist, photographer and PR & documentation specialist at the Harlow Gallery. Allison was one of the documentary photographers for CSA in 2012.

Sarah Miller – Co-founder of the Kennebec Local Food Initiative/Gardiner Food Co-op and current executive director of the Augusta Food Bank.  Sarah served on the original CSA planning committee.

Denis Thoet – Denis was one of the farmers participating in CSA in 2012, his CSA farm was Long Meadow Farm in West Gardiner


  • I am very interested in participating in this event as my wife was raised in a farming on a farm that was in the family for four generations. Jim maguire

    • Hi James, Please do apply! –Deb Fahy

  • Interested/ on Monhegan so would work best if the ‘artist’ was someone here. Two of our artists ARE farmers/ we have a year-round resident CSA as well as a weekly farmers’ market. Our seasonal breakdown may be a little different than some- usually sell out all fall crops in October because of our farmers’ schedules.

    • Hi Kathie, I would encourage you to apply (it’s free). I can’t promise that any Monhegan artists will also apply but you never know – and I would encourage you to invite any local artists you know to apply too. Thanks, I hope this helps. – Allison

  • Are artists given compensation-as food. Or do they invest time/money in hopes of selling their work at an exhibit? Or is this a fundraiser and donation to the farms?

  • This project conjures up all kinds of images in my head. From barren winter fields with stalks poking through, to rich still lifes abundant w produce. Cow portraits. Farm figures. Gosh its such fertile ground for the artist. I will be applying. I work in pastels.
    – Amy

  • I’m very interested in particapating in this event of Artists inturpation of the Farmers Land and work here is my website plus if you Google my name a hole lot more can be seen .

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