Chalk ~ October 2011



On view at the Harlow Gallery October 7-29, 2011
Opening Friday, October 7th 5 to 8 pm.

The chalkboard is an object loaded with cultural significance and collective memory: it is simultaneously a place authority and anxiety, questions and answers, past and present. If you are over thirty, you can look at the slate and close your eyes, you can still hear the screech of new chalk across a board, the clack of a dropped piece and the feel of clapped eraser dust rising to your nose.


For the past two years, Luc Demers has been salvaging and restoring blackboards, making chalk drawings on them with such divergent references as the night sky, Galileo’s stars, and Abstract Expressionism, and then photographing those drawings. They hover between abstraction and representation and address the vast depth of sky space and the flatness of the blackboard, Peter Precourt has been making tactile oil paintings, encaustic paintings and monotypes with a focus on lessons learned inside and outside the classroom for over a decade.

Chalk will be a collaborative exhibition of interdisciplinary two dimensional blackboard/chalk based images of Luc Demers and Peter Precourt. The exhibition will also have both interactive and site based elements. The side walls of exhibition will feature new and un-exhibited photographs, paintings, and chalk drawings on a variety of surfaces. All work will be collaboratively made by Demers and Precourt.