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Choosings: David Estey, Harold Garde & Kathleen Florance

“It is the here-and-now experience that knits the work of these three artists together. In that sense, “Choosings” is not only a curatorial triumph, but it’s an extraordinary opportunity to take in a pervasive but fugitive quality of contemporary painting.”  from Daniel Kany‘s review of the show in the. August 24, 2014 edition of the Portland Press Herald. Click here to read more.

Presenting the work of three Maine master painters August 8-30, 2014.

“Choosings,” a collaboration by artists David Estey, Harold Garde and Kathleen Florance, is an effort to create a unique, teaching exhibit in partnership with the Harlow Gallery. They have chosen favorite pieces of one another’s work to be exhibited, related and explained. The exhibit will include three placards on which two of the artists will say generally what draws them to the work of the third and why it is important. At the end of the opening reception all three will discuss specific pieces, react to viewer comments, and explain how their work is related and why they are showing together. The intent is to add a new, educational dimension to the exhibit and provide a rare glimpse into the interconnections, inspiration and values artists see in the work of their friends and peers.

Meet the artists David Estey and Harold Garde, both of Belfast, and Kathleen Florance of South Thomaston, at the opening reception on Friday, August 8 from 5-7pm, with an ArtTalk from 7-8pm.

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David Estey, Woman With Comb

David Estey, Woman with Combacrylic & graphite, 18” X 24”

DAVID ESTEY is an award-winning painter in Belfast, a Maine native who also lived, taught and exhibited in the Mid-Atlantic States and North Carolina. He has degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and George Washington University. He studied painting a year in Rome, Italy and 14 years at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. His art has run the gamut from realistic landscapes, portraits and figure drawings to abstract expressionism – and now total improvisation.  He is represented by Carver Hill Gallery at 338 Maine Street in Rockland, ME. For more information visit

 Harold Garde Ambition

Harold Garde, Ambition, acrylic, 53” x 67”

HAROLD GARDE is a respected, Belfast painter, printmaker, and teacher. At 91, he has been creating art for over seven decades and has had regular solo exhibitions of his work since 1970.  He is one of UMVA’s “Maine Masters” featured in the MPBN Television series and the recognized developer of the Strappo technique of transferring paintings on glass to paper or other paintings. His Iconoclass is the flagship painting of the Museum of Florida Art (MoFA) in Deland.  Recently he had a solo exhibition at the Maine Jewish Museum in Portland. In Rockland he shows at Harbor Square gallery.  Harold Garde is represented by Art Port, New York City. For more information visit

 Kathleen Florance Waspspace

Kathleen Florance, WaspSpace #20mixed media, 52” x 50”

KATHLEEN FLORANCE is a notable painter in Rockland. Besides her painting/drawing, she has created three environmental installations and has exhibited in Bulgaria, China and Russia. Her work has been shown at CMCA, Atrium Gallery and Caldbeck Gallery in Rockland, ME. Her work forms a multi-disciplinary approach that engages a variety of materials and formats. Her “eco-centric” vision reflects a deep curiosity about the complex processes of our natural world and a contemplation of the challenging issues surrounding them today. For more information visit