Our Hometown Supports the Arts

We are very grateful to Hallowell City Council members, Mayor Walker and City Manager Nate Rudy for all they do to support the arts in Hallowell, especially for renewing annual financial support of the Harlow Gallery for the 2018 fiscal year. The Harlow Gallery’s income comes from membership dues, donations from individuals, business sponsorships, grants, fundraisers and sales; and annual support from the city of Hallowell is an essential piece of the Harlow Gallery’s budget. Granting agencies look for broad-based community support of a non-profit, especially for financial support from its hometown (which directly benefits from a non-profits’ activities). 

We are an essential keystone to Hallowell’s vibrant cultural scene.  The Harlow Gallery draws artists and cultural tourists to the city of Hallowell year round.  In recent years over 7,000 visitors passed through our doors. These people don’t just visit the gallery; they come for the day! They eat in our restaurants, shop downtown and stay for the nightlife. 

The Harlow Gallery has been a factor shaping Hallowell’s unique sense of place for decades. The Kennebec Valley Art Association founding of the Harlow Gallery in 1963 was catalyst in Hallowell’s “urban” renewal, the Harlow’s presence downtown played a role in shaping our little city into the vibrant arts & cultural destination it is today. Four years after the founding of the Harlow Gallery an article in a 1967 edition of Maine (a publication of the Department of Economic Development) described the positive influence of the KVAA as follows: “… Interest in and appreciation of art in Maine has been increased … The City of Hallowell, itself, has perked up. Many attribute the sprucing up of the commercial district which has been going on during recent years to the example set by the Kennebec Valley Art Association.”

Come visit our hometown of Hallowell, Maine!

Town offices online: www.hallowell.govoffice.com

Hallowell Board of Trade: hallowell.org

Vintage postcard City Hall, Hallowell, ME

August 2018