CSA: Community Supporting Arts


In 2012 the Harlow Gallery, located downtown historic Hallowell, organized the first Community Supporting Arts (CSA) project to connect Maine’s artist and farming communities, two vibrant and idealistic groups that are key to our state’s unique sense of place. The CSA project was a huge success and the Harlow Gallery staff and volunteers are thrilled to bring back in 2017.

The CSA project promotes both local art and local food by partnering artists with farms in and around central Maine. The artists create art inspired by their farmers’ lives, work, landscapes, challenges and ideals since the beginning of the growing season in early spring.

Donations to support CSA II are welcome; any amount helps!

CSA 2017 Exhibitions & Events (click here)

CSA 2017 overview (click here)

CSA 2017 Photos (click here)

CSA 2012 overview (click here)

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