CSA II Update | May 2017

CSA II Update | May 2017

“Below” by Helene Farrar of Manchester, paired with Farmer Kev’s in West Gardiner.

We’re excited to share our second official update on the Community Supporting Arts (CSA II). Artists are visiting their farms, forming ideas, and starting to develop their own projects. This update includes a few images of the work our artists are working on as well as a few photos from farm visits showing the artists interacting with their farms. (click the links below to view full albums.) Stay tuned for future updates. For those of you on instagram, check out CSA II at @csa_community_supporting_arts. 

Click the links below to view full photo albums of behind-the-scenes farm visits with artists.
Staff photos by Allison McKeen. Stay tuned for more photos.

Tim Ouillette at Hancock Family Farm
Dylan Gifford at Wholesome Holmstead


About CSA II: In Late 2016, the Harlow Gallery announced 13 artist/farm partnerships for Community Supporting Arts (CSA II) project taking place across Maine in 2017. Participating artists visit their partner farms regularly beginning in January, at the very start of the 2017 growing season, creating art inspired by their farmer’s lives, work, and landscape. The resulting body of artwork will be exhibited at three venues in the fall of 2017, at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, at Maine Farmland Trust’s gallery in Belfast and at Engine in Biddeford.

All the participating farms are Community Supported Agriculture (CSA farms).  A CSA farm sells shares at the beginning of the growing season and then provides fresh, seasonal food on a regular basis to each shareholding household throughout the growing season. CSA II will use the power of art to promote the economic and environmental benefits of organic farming and of buying locally grown food. Our food industry is a critical key to a sustainable economy and the health and well-being of Maine citizens in an age of accelerating climate change

For more information about CSA II and for a full listing of artist/farm partnerships, click HERE.


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