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seems to know how grand he is

July 6th visit #5 to the farm….pigs have gotten very large, laying hens are producing wonderful eggs, the rooster is very pleased with himself…. snap peas in the garden. 60 meat birds (chickens) now in the cooler ready for the farm market.

I notice the pigs have gotten fairly aggressive- not so cute anymore at over 150-200 lbs each.

The rooster is a very handsome bird and seems to know how grand he is….wonderful fresh eggs from the hens- no blue ones yet, but soon.

Beautiful peas in the garden along with kale, radishes, garden mixed-greens, lettuces, etc.

Icelandic sheep seem to be doing well despite the very warm weather the day I visited….the 2 young males will be going to be dressed out for market in a week or two- the other 2 are being kept for breeding stock and are quite tame and easy keepers.