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tabletop puzzle

After I settled on the idea of making a large, tabletop puzzle, it took me weeks of playing around with images on the computer to ‘see’ where to go to pull all the various farm activities into a cohesive, harmonious visual statement using the 18 different panels that comprise the puzzle. Each panel has one image on it, with some ‘encroachment/overlap of picture so the image may not be entirely contained by the boundary of it’s panel. I decided to minimize certain aspects of each image by reducing some information to B&W and emphasizing other stuff by heightening the color. This means that across the whole, certain things will jump forward out of a dark ground and at the same time, serve as ‘keys’ to what goes where for anyone involved in assembling the puzzle. It hard to describe in words….these pictures will at least give you an idea.

This is great fun. I have left my entire August open to work on the puzzle.