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The Woodruff Table

On Sunday this past week, I had the joy of showing fellow CSA artist Kelsey Kobik around Milkweed Farm, with entertaining help from Maeve and Daire, the younger of four Woodruff kids. I am continuing work on a series of the Woodruff’s kitchen table, a table, for me, of warm memories of being a part of the Woodruff family as their apprentice a few seasons ago and ever since. The most recent link in the series is raising questions for me of where to define borders and where to depart from the silhouette…
this one is a bit experimental, perhaps; a draft. Its abrupt edges dictate borders by cutting the image in midair. Does it still leave a legible image? I’ve for now titled it “Finnegan’s Toes,” but had no intention to create a riddle — once masked by an accurate silhouette, Finn’s toes are hardly a focal point. Can you find them? Does it matter? Might I not hold so fast to the silhouette, and somehow carve a hint of his feet in front of the leg of the table?
These are my thoughts from the studio. But, if it’s ok with Kelsey, there are no better photos to share our day on Sunday than hers:

See photos here.

I am so thankful for her peacefully invisible yet confidently present photo-taking.