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Petrea NoyesCrescent Run Farmbreeder2


Icelandic sheep seem to be doing well despite the very warm weather the day I visited….the 2 young males will be going to be dressed out for market in a week or two- the other 2 are being kept for breeding stock and are quite tame and easy keepers.

Kristen EngmanTreble Ridge FarmFace of Pig looking through fence


... things that Rufus told me were perhaps less crisp in my mind and I felt some things were forgotten altogether. This time I decided to write it all down while everything was new and...

Kate BarnesGrassland Organic FarmIMGP7556

When the rain let up today, I grabbed my children and headed out for a spontaneous trip to the farm. While I drove, I watched the skies, heavy and moody, hoping they would hold out for us to have a small walk.

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Kelsey Kobikat Goranson Farm Kelsey-Kobik-Goransons-bowls


Art can be complex or ultimate simplicity. The artists on the farms are finding many small corners of profound beauty.

Petrea Noyesat Crescent Run FarmPetrea Noyes process

the process of art

Art has many stages, processes and ways of working.

Kelsey Kobikat Dig Deep Farmkobik

Farmer Dalziel Lewis at work

I was expecting all the physical beauty I was met with there, but was blown away by the immediate human connections.

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Maina Handmakerat Milkweed Farmmilkweed


The farms are beautiful, spring green painting the winter spareness.

Petrea Noyesat Crescent Run Farmapril-pigs-3-1

at the farm

The artists in this project have plunged right in and are producing some fascinating art.

Craig at Annabessacook