50th Anniversary Video

Dahlov Ipcar on the Zorach Family Show at the Harlow in 1967 and more

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This is one of a series of interviews with members of the Kennebec Valley Art Association (KVAA), and artists and community members who have been influential in shaping the Harlow Gallery and the KVAA. These short videos by Art Mayers were filmed in 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Harlow Gallery in 1963.

Dahlov Ipcar has shown her work at the Harlow Gallery a number of times over the years, beginning with a group show July 18 – August 7 in 1965 called “The Zorach Family” which included sculpture by William Zorach, paintings by Marguerite Zorach, with work by their daughter Dahlov Ipcar and their nephew, Jason Schoener.  

Of the Harlow, Ipcar says, “It’s tricky keeping a gallery going … it’s amazing the Harlow Gallery has kept going.