Detour: Round-a-bout Back to Art


“Detour: Round-a-bout Back to Art” , on view at the Harlow Gallery from November 6 to 30, will showcase work by three Maine artists.  Rick Rose of Temple uses oil to paint misshapen trees, shadows of lines and off-colors in the woods, Megan Bastey of Augusta uses acrylics to build textured lines and vivid color to give thought a visible form and Lisa Vigue of Belgrade fills out the exhibit with metal sculpture grounded in the abstraction of balance. The opening Reception on Friday, November 6, 5 – 8 pm is free and open to the public.


The exhibition title, “Detour: Round-a-bout Back to Art” is a nod to the fact that all three artists have found that life can get in the way of art making, leading artistic individuals down all manner of sidetracks away from their dreams. But the three artists have all come to the realization that the demands of a busy life can also inspire the need for creating a private conveyance of it, or simply, creating art in response to experience. The lines from a drain pipe and the colors from an old memory become the backdrop for a feeling in Bastey’s acrylics. The sun abstracting the color of a branch shaped like a bicycle wheel off a fire road in Temple is filed away in Rose’s mind for a future painting and Vigue’s singular desire to pull the full dimension out of the two dimensional and balance the unbalanced are all on display at the Harlow this November.