Artists’ Groups

The Harlow Gallery currently hosts several different ongoing programs for artists and art-lovers including the following:

Tuesday Morning Artist’s Group: Artists are welcome to come work in fellowship with this supportive group every Tuesday morning 9-noon.

Life Drawing: Most Sundays 7-9 pm. Arrive before 7 pm, allowing yourself time to set up; the doors are locked at 7 pm sharp. There is a $7 model fee.

The Bookey Readings: Monthly poetry readings April-November, typically held on the 3rd or 4th Friday of the month at 7pm.

Second Sundays: Community art-related events on the second Sunday of every month from 2-4pm.

MTFP (Maine Traditional Film Group): Meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm.

We support other artists and community groups by allowing them to use the gallery space for meetings or events. Outside groups that regularly use the Harlow Gallery space currently include a Traditional Film Photography Group, and the Hallowell Board of Trade, as well as individual artists who wish to teach workshops or classes; or to present a performance or reading.