Poetry Readings

Ted & Ruth Bookey

Ted and Ruth Bookey arrange very popular and well attended monthly poetry readings at the Harlow Gallery. Poet Ted Bookey first read his work at the Harlow in the 1960s!

Please visit the calendar or check current events for current dates. The Bookeys take a break from organizing poetry readings in July & August or January & February. 

A $3 donation at the door is requested in support all exhibitions and events at the Harlow Gallery.  Did you know we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 1963?  Poetry readings are just one of the many ways we connect and celebrate art, artists and community!

The Harlow is open to hosting readings and other events or performances organized by other groups or by individual authors. Please call Program Director Nancy Barron at 622-3813 if you are interested in this opportunity.