Gallery Renovations; Before ….


The building committee has come up with terrific plan for updating the look and feel of our gallery space for 2010.  Lots of folks were disappointed with the realization that artist housing and renovating the 3rd floor is out of our league, so the building committee wanted to do something that would make a splash at an affordable price.

In January & February we will be redoing our gallery walls and expanding our hanging area from floor to ceiling where possible, so we’ll be able to hang larger, and more, art.

The building committee has designed custom benches on wheels, with storage inside for folding chairs, and a display table (also on wheels) with storage inside for folding tables.  The new functional furniture will enable us to clear out our big supply closet and use that for an office.  Right now our office takes up the front right corner of the gallery, and soon space that will be available for additional exhibition space after the renovation.

We are looking forward to a much cleaner and functional look by mid February!  Building committee member Ellen Gibson, a professional carpenter, is supervising work and is looking for skilled volunteers.  Want to help?  Call Nancy Barron at 622-3813 today, renovations start as soon as the member’s show comes down on January 10th.