Gallery Talk with Petrea Noyes & Lynne Baggett

April 8, 2010 from 7-8:30 pm at the Harlow…

With their art surrounding them in the Harlow Gallery, Petrea Noyes of
Brooks and Lynne Baggett of Steuben will share their insight
into the creative process by describing their own art techniques.


Petrea’s work is a combination of heavily modified
photo-based images augmented with glazes and varnishes,
and occasionally encaustics or poly resins.


Baggett’s cast gypsum and hand-carved reliefs are inspired by early handcarved letterforms found on gravestones in Maine coastal
cemeteries and the British Isles.

ArtTalks are an opportunity to share vision and ideas. We
ask a $3 donation at the door. We are grateful to the Savings Bank of Maine, our sponsor for the 2010 ArtTalk season.