Edible Works of Art Up for Auction at the Harlow Gallery

If you are looking for a unique centerpiece for your holiday table, or for something to wow the children on Christmas morning, stop by the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell where four fabulous gingerbread houses are up for auction following the annual Hallowell gingerbread contest. The elaborate confectionary creations are each being auctioned off to benefit the Kennebec Valley Art Association and the Harlow Gallery. There is no charge to bid. Proceeds will go to help meet the $20,000 Brooks & Miriam Harlow Challenge Grant recently received by the art association.

Silent bids are being accepted through Saturday, December 22nd at 4 pm, at which time the winners will be announced. Bids can also be called in to 622-3813.

Or… make a $500 donation and take your choice home that day!


Dan Loomis of Randolph donated “North Station”, which won first place at the Hallowell Gingerbread House Contest during Christmas in Old Hallowell . “North Station” is a nearly 4 foot long train station complete with engine, coal car, passenger train and caboose.



Ingrid Parady of Hallowell donated “Wonderworks” which faithfully depicts an upside down building which is a popular amusement park attraction in Florida. Parady’s edible “Wonderworks” is 30 inches wide at the base.


Ken Linaberry of Augusta donated “Story Book Lane”, which is about 4 feet long and includes five separate gingerbread houses from much loved fairy tales and nursery rhymes, including the Three Little Pigs houses (two have already been blown down!), the old woman’s shoe and Repunzel’s tower.



Karin Sargent’s edible art depicts a scene from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where the Whos of Whoville join hands to sing around the Christmas tree. Sargent has lovingly depicted each “Who” in marzipan candy. Her creation is 30 inches at the base and includes four gingerbread Who-houses.