Harlow Craft Shop

The Harlow Craft Shop offers a curated selection of locally handcrafted items for sale including pottery, woodworking, fiber and texiles, personal care, jewelry, books, prints, and more. All artists featured in the shop are primarily from the greater Kennebec Valley area and are members of the Harlow Gallery/Kennebec Valley Art Association. Shop hours are the same as the Harlow Gallery hours.

Interested in having your work sold in the Harlow Craft Shop? Please read through the our Jury Process Information to learn more about submitting your work.

Our current artists are listed by media as follows:

AP Curiosities
Dylan Gifford Pottery
Maple Lane Pottery
Nancy Meader
Whitney Gill Ceramics
The Potter’s Shed

Catherine Worthington
Color.Joy Prints
House of Bouton
Kathleen Bird
Linda Herschenfeld
SpinOff Studio

Butler Woodworking
Laurie Sproul
Rusted Pulchritude 

Ellipsem Jewelry
Micki Whelan

Barbara Loken
Karen Merrit

Jodi Renshaw
Quiet Tide Goods
Tyson Pease

Personal Care:
Fabula Nebulae
Ledgeway Farm
Misty Lane Creations