Harlow on the Circle: Linwood Riggs Nature Photography

Exhibition on View:  July 15 through the end of September.

Location: The Lobby Gallery, 45 Memorial Circle, Augusta (the “Preti-Flaherty” Building near Bay Wraps)

Hours: 8 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week – (not necessary to enter the building to view the installation)


The Kennebec Valley Art Association invites you to visit the lobby gallery at 45 Memorial Circle in Augusta to enjoy the work of Augusta photographer Linwood Riggs. Riggs is a master at capturing the natural world in action. On view July 15through September 15, 2011.

Since Linwood Riggs retired from a career in Information Technology in 2008, he’s had more time to pursue his real passion – photography.  If you’re looking for Linwood on a pleasant, early summer day, you might well find the former Capital Area Camera Club president down on the banks of the Kennebec River, photographing sturgeon as they leap energetically out of the water for reasons we can only guess at.  They jump more or less randomly, and they’re only out of the water about two seconds, so getting a decent photo is a real challenge. Ospreys are fair game, too, as they plunge dramatically into the water to capture fish, and Great Blue Herons are also favorite subjects.

Although Riggs has been to Alaska a couple of times, and has visited numerous national parks in the western US and Canada,  much of his nature photography takes place right here in Central Maine.  It wasn’t always like that.  When he moved to Augusta in 1970, the Kennebec was so polluted that nobody wanted to linger on its banks; eagles and osprey were nowhere to be seen, and boating on its waters was almost unthinkable.  The river’s water quality has improved dramatically in the past four decades, and the resurgence in wildlife has been striking.  Riggs’ nature photographs on display at 45 Memorial Circle are a testament to that.  Visit  www.riggsphoto.com for more information about his work.

Thanks to Finard Properties LCC of Portland for granting us access to the space.