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his*story, a photographic series

by Robert Rainey

four days only at the Harlow Gallery

August 29-September 1, 2012

Artist talk on Wednesday, August 29th at 7pm

In his series “his*story”, Robert Rainey photographically¬†reenacts¬†famous figurative paintings or sculptures using himself as an actor, paired only with male partners. Each of the male characters is clad in the generic uniform of drab business suit, white shirt and tie.

Rainey’s large format photographs address issues of personal identity as influenced by cultural notions of class, gender, race, age and sexual orientation. Instead of drawing on decades of feminist theory, the artist explores what happens when traditionally female iconography is removed altogether. As a gay man, Rainey shares with women the experience of patriarchal domination and oppression and thereby offers another angle to criticism. By replacing the females characters with male actors in traditional patriarchal garb, ¬†he subverts the idea that woman are the object of the cultural gaze.

Photographs printed on canvas with archival pigments ranging in size from: 40″x62″ to 40″x50″