How to Look at Abstract Art with Ed McCartan

Join us on Thursday, May 27 at 7pm at the Harlow Gallery to learn more about abstract art and to meet Ed McCartan, our 1st place winner for the 2009 KVAA juried show.  Your $3 suggested donation supports arts programming at the Harlow ArtTalks at the Harlow Gallery are sponsored by Savings Bank of Maine.


Ed has painted and taught studio art and art history in upstate New York, as well as, most recently in Brunswick Maine, where he has a studio in the Ft. Andross mill.  His work incorporates botanical, spiritual and expressive imagery, using abstract layering and sumi brushwork techniques.  The diptych format is often used by Ed to set up a “dialogue” between different parts of his works.  Ed likes to experiment with alternate techniques, such as stenciling, woodcut and stamping within his paintings and drawings on canvas, paper and panel.

Ed McCartan states, “My current work is an exploration of the balance and harmony, as well as the impermanence of natural forms.  I am trying to hold up to view, the fragile beauty found in humble things, to turn it around and examine its many facets.  It is about traveling to those “thin places” where the sacred breaks in on the ordinary.  These studies are my meditations on these small epiphanies.  I have not hesitated to allow the world of intuition and dreams, the nudges of a force larger than myself, to assert herself into my efforts.  She helps me break through the illusion of separateness, and stand in awe at the interconnectedness and sacredness of all things.”

On view at the Harlow through May is Art2010 (15th annual juried show), showcasing 53 Maine artists.  Attendees will have plenty of artwork to view during Ed McCartan’s ArtTalk.