Hallowell Book Group sponsors Vaughan Vignettes in memory of Judy Kane

We are deeply touched and honored that The Bookies (Hallowell Women’s Bookgroup) are sponsoring Vaughan Vignettes in memory of the late Judy Kane.

We have received over $500 in contributions (in dollars or in spirit) from:  Abby Thrower, Anne Young, Barb Damren, Barb DeSerres, Betsey Remage-Healey, Cathie Murray, Cynthia Murray-Beliveau, Deb Sewall, Ginny Pidot, Joan Sturmthal, Judy Feinstein, Judy Harvey, Karen Simpson, Madeleine Martin, Margo Ogden, Sarah Shed and  Stephanie Martyak.

Vaughan Vignettes, our Summer Member’s Show is being presented July 5-27, 2013 in partnership with the Vaughan Homestead Foundation, an organization Judy Kane supported in many ways.  Contributions from The Bookies in excess of $500 will be passed along to our friends at the Vaughan Homestead. Look for a window display in honor of Judy Kane during the show!

Judy Kane as canvas

Judy Kane as ‘canvas’ for art by her 3 year old grandchild.